Do you ever go quiet inside?

I have been experiencing times of  inner quiet since returning from almost two months of travel. During my soul sojourning my senses were alive, my heart was amazed and opened and my inner world was being fed and nourished.  It has taken a few weeks to finish this sumptuous meal, digest all the new places and faces and come to a place of rest. (kinda like falling asleep on the couch after a BIG holiday meal 🙂 )

I am now ready to turn all of that wonderful new nourishment into fresh sharing, insight and teaching.

And not too soon. This past weekend an intimate group and I completed Module Three of the Heaven on Earth Wisdom School. The Wisdom School is taught in three modules – Module One is taught on-line and Module Two and Three are taught in two four-day intensives in Santa Fe NM. The graduating group this weekend had been working together since the beginning of 2013 and this was their final time together.  and WHAT A TIME!

Module Three is all about cocreation – what it is? how to ‘do it’? what part of yourself you want to cocreate from? and what to cocreate with? How DO I cocreate my reality, really?  Yes, all wonderful questions. AND after completing Module One – Self-Mastery and Module Two – Living Love, the new foundation had been created to build a new life from an entirely fresh place.

Here is a testimonial from Pat DuBois. Her energy and presence is palpable. in her own words…

Testimonial – Wisdom School – Pat Dubois from Rebecca Skeele on Vimeo.

And sitting in the quiet was key to this final Module Three. First, the ‘clutter’ of the mind, the emotions, the body reactions, the imagination etc must be cleared away enough for the spiritual channels to open fully. This is a profound process of allowing, letting go, releasing, opening – all those words that fall short when trying to describe an experience of the wisdom school.

The Virtual Module One registration is open now and an early savings price of $797 is available until August 31, 2013.   If you are interested in enrolling in the Wisdom School please contact me so I can answer any questions or concerns and also make sure this is a program that would serve you at this time.

Your soul is waiting.