This morning I listened to a radio interview I did on a web telesummit last summer called, “Co-creating Heaven on Earth”.  I had just returned from leading a workshop in England with the crop circles and very aware of deep re arranging going on  within the levels of my conscious reality.  Well, it’s hard not to track that level after standing in a crop circle…it defies logical left-brain rationality.

Of course, this is my thing…tracking the new paradigms that are emerging on the planet – both collectively and personally. Since that interview last August the shifts have begun to hit the fan, haven’t they? ( to borrow the subtitle of the documentary film, I AM) This week’s radio show  Mastering the Shift Living Your Noetic Reality I focused on an emerging compassionate paradigm shift that is beginning to show up – and two films and one book that are talking about it.

First of all, a few working definitions. paradigm shift = a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumption or a radical change in thinking. Compassionate paradigm shift = co-creating the fundamental change  with heart wisdom

Check out the documentary film, I AM: The Shift is about the Hit the Fan – by movie director Tom Shadyac. After a bad bike accident that creates a emotional ‘dark night of the Soul’ Tom sets out with a small film crew to find the answers to two questions: What is wrong with our world? What can we do about it?  His personal journey from despair and darkness leads him to discover what is ‘right’ and how we can all begin to live from our innate nature of cooperation, connection, wholeness and Oneness.

The Shift movie – highlighting the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer – is a movie within a movie. Dr. Dyer is being filmed talking about how to live the shift – moving from ego reality to spiritual- meaning reality. At the same time, the movie tells the story of various couples and individuals that are all discovering the greater truth of who they are beyond their ego driven lives. The Shift movie shows the personal shifts that take place within us when we find our heart, re discover what makes us come alive and see with new eyes.

The book, The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us by Lynne Mc Taggart, gives the quantum science behind how we, as a human species, are wired to cooperate, connect and live in resonance with each other – rather than compete, separate and play win/lose games. Our brains and our energy fields, when wired with others around a common goal of the greater good, resonate to create a bigger whole than the parts.

We are all One. Now, where have we heard that before?

The synergistic message of these three creations all point to a more compassionate, connected, whole view of Self, each other and the world. How is this emerging compassionate paradigm showing up for you?