Somehow those all go together! A Emerging Compassionate Paradigm: Forgiveness Mastering the Shift received quite a few comments. I heard from one friend who hadn’t spoken to their family members in over 20 years. Several people expressed their gratitude for the fresh perspectives and new information. Here are the various links for more information: Forgiveness: Letting Go of Grudges and Bitterness by Dr. Katherine Piderman; Campaign for Forgiveness Research; The Social Healing Project; Power of Forgiveness.  Blessing for your forgiveness journey.

May 24, 2011 Mastering the Shift will be a show about healing cancer. Leigh Fortson’s book, Embrace, Release Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About and Treating Cancer is honest, groundbreaking and certain to give you a new perspective about healing your body and renewing your life through cancer.  There’s really not more that I can add here – you will want to listen to this one.

Southwestern College, a graduate program with a vision statement of “Transforming Consciousness Through Education” is another groundbreaking compassionate paradigm. Southwestern is an accredited college that walks the path between two worlds: old toxic paradigms that define the field of counseling psychology…and education that aligns with sense of Self as soul and using that approach in counseling. Jim Nolan, President of the college, speaks to this new emerging paradigm well giving us the background definition of the ‘new thought’ movement and its leaders who influenced how Southwestern College came to be.  If you are considering a graduate degree for your life as well as for your career – or know someone who is – check out this Mastering the Shift 5.31.11.