Big energyWhat do you want? I mean really want? At the first transformational workshop I ever did this was the question on Day 5 – What do you want? I remember at that time it seemed like a simple enough question – I mean, isn’t it easy to know what I want?

But my experience of that process was much different than I expected.

My vivid visual memory of that process of What do you want? was a picture of me, standing on a chair – shouting as loud as I could with tears streaming down my face – “I want to love”.  In fact, I shouted it over and over again (along with a room full of about 250 other participants who were shouting) so much that I lost my voice.

Now – what was that energy that got unleashed during that process so many years ago? What did it break open inside of me? And what happened as a result of that process?

Well, I did discover how to love – and not only love for the first time but find out what loving was all about. And that experience that bubbled up from the depths of my being with an eruption of pure heart opening is still at the core of everything I do today.

That is the power that comes from giving yourself permission to DO or BE or HAVE more of what you truly want.

What you truly want is about who you are and what you came in to learn, to share and to bless others with. What you truly want will resonate so fully that your entire body will vibrate with the energy of it.

What you truly want you often hide or deny. Why? Because what if I risk everything and go for it…and I don’t get it.

Yes, and what if I don’t survive the disappointment and despair from not getting what I want?

So many years are spent going after the counterfeit substitutes and trying to stuff those material things into the hole that is left from not allowing yourself to KNOW what it is. And so much needless energy is wasted on second guessing and side stepping our self and our wants because of some limiting belief that having what you want is ‘selfish’ or ‘not spiritual’.

When you give yourself permission to BE, DO and HAVE what you truly want the Divine power of who you are can flow through you unencumbered of conditions, limitations, fears, self-consciousness, and self-doubt. When you give yourself permission the flood gates open on the unseen levels because that is what we are here to do – find out exactly what it is we truly want…and express it – freely, openly and with as much ambition and power as possible.

So please stop pretending this is not important and knowing what YOU want is not important. Be courageous – reveal it to yourself. Sacred Ambitions can not be served without you claiming it.

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