Limiting stories that we tell our self can be, well, limiting. And usually, they play in the background of our day completely unnoticed…until one day, we are given the opportunity to break free – and we hesitate.

For many years I have worked with men and women assisting them to manifest their highest calling – what I call Your Sacred Ambition. In that time, what I have seen is that there are several common ‘limiting stories’ that keep people from making their big dream a reality and fulfilling the big work they came here to do.

  • “I don’t have what it takes.”
  • “I’m not ______ enough.”
  • “What if I fail? Or it doesn’t work out?”
  • “I can’t make a living doing that.”
  • “What will people think?”
  • “I’m too busy. I don’t have time for that.”

What I have discovered is these ‘limiting stories’ come from misaligning and misunderstanding power and ambition and when that happens it opens the door for the world to mess with your inner truth, your inner wisdom, guidance – and can result in it giving up before you ever get started.

And what is the cost of never birthing your sacred work into reality?

  • Regret?
  • Lack of passion in your life?
  • Going through the motions but not really inspired?

Missing out on that heart fire that can engage and energize who you are and fuel a far-reaching and impactful initiative for a world you want to create? 

The world is sorely lacking in truth these days and a ‘new story’ to live into that is inclusive, compassionate and champions the best of us. Your vision, your sacred calling is what the world needs at this time – and if you don’t bring it forward WE ALL LOOSE!

And it is going to take all of us to turn around the train wreck that is currently taking place – financially, environmentally, socially and politically.

Is this the year you dedicate 3 days for you and that great work you have come to do this lifetime? Is this your time to unplug from the noise of the world and give yourself the space, in a safe place, to explore that sacred calling?

And this year feels different to me – no more waiting. No more hesitation. No more excuses

The world needs your fire, your love, and your action!

“Working with Rebecca is transformative. She guides you, never leads you. She honors you to dig up what is inside you that is gold. She confronts you with compassion and grace. She holds you accountable for doing your work. She is the mentor who brings out your best self even when it is hiding and anxious, stubborn and skeptical. She works compassionately and completely to allow you to unfold as a precious being of light.”

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