Recently I spent a morning cleaning all the windows in my house and washing the screens. Can’t tell you what possessed me that morning since it seemed like any other ordinary morning…but I was happy and even inspired to take on this task.

The results were astounding. Both my husband and I commented later how cleaner the whole house seemed – how brighter the light shone through the glass and even the air seemed fresher.

What if cleaning the energy field around you would create a similar experience? What if not only your physical eyes would ‘see’ with greater clarity but so would your spiritual eyes? Imagine, for a moment, what area of your life where you would like to enjoy this clarity? Are you facing a big decision and can’t seem to settle on a choice? Do you know that something needs to change in your life but what you have focused on isn’t quite IT? Is there a relationship challenge, an emotional habitual response or a mental pattern that you just keep getting stuck in…and like a merry-go-round are confused as to how to get off?

What if all of the above involved your energy and the vibration of that energy? What if you could ‘clean up’ your energy or increase the vibration or brightness of your energy field … and confusion would clear up? New possibilities would appear? And old patterns would fall away?

Here are three tips or techniques that you could practice. Let’s begin with very practical activities.

  1. Anytime you feel like your energy field is clouded or cluttered two very simple easy activities you can do would be: A. Take a shower or bath. B. do some physical exercise.  Both of these familiar activities can help clear and throw off unwanted energies from the day.

However, some energies that attach to us are like stickers. They need a bit more intention and advance techniques to help release them from their attachment.

  1. A meditation practice can assist unwanted energies to release – using the breath and also chanting a mantra.
  2. Asking yourself where you might have picked up something from a situation, circumstance or person; realizing if you picked if up it is your responsibility to clear it; using self-forgiveness to release any energies of judgment, shame or blame.
  3. Energy clearing techniques that are offered by a trained facilitator. To name a few: hypnosis, EFT, Tapping, Noetic Balancing, a good therapeutic massage, energy work, sound and light – the list is long.

The major benefit to you is your awareness of who you are beyond your body (your energy field) and the effects it can have on your well-being. Then, you can take steps to keep it clear and enjoy the LIGHT that you are.