spiritualemergenceComing down from the mountain top transformed and re entering my old life was smooth at first. I felt different in my skin. My step was lighter, my heart felt open and I greeted the day with much joy. It wasn’t long, though, before my ‘new’ self began to run into my ‘old’ self.  Some days I questioned this whole new me that was emerging. My former life with kids and husband looked the same on the outside but inside there was a huge new reality coming into view. Nothing seemed to fit quite the way it did before and like a closet full of out-of-season clothes, I did not recognize myself any more. On top of all this discombobulation I also didn’t know how to talk about it. What was happening to me? Why was I restless? seeking new and different experiences? hungry for a deeper experience of myself and my life?

  • In the midst of a time of spiritual emergence the metamorphosis experience of a butterfly is so appropriate. Those imaginal cells that are neither caterpillar nor butterfly but soup can be a very uncomfortable and scary time.
  • Because this morphing process is not like mending a broken limb or healing from a sickness the ‘outer’ signs can be invisible. You can look the same, act the same, and even continue in your everyday routines…but on the inside your Soul is gently urging you into the unknown.

Finally, after several months of struggling with self-doubt and wondering if there was ‘something wrong with me’ I found myself enrolling in a spiritual course of study. Now I had never been interested before in anything spiritual and had long ago discarded my religious upbringing. So here I was about to embark on a completely new adventure and like un tethering my small boat and setting sail – I had NO idea what this was all about or exactly what was drawing me forward.

  • Following the quiet whispering of our Soul at this time in the spiritual emergent process is so important. Seeking a teacher, program or course of study at this time is wise as long as it teaches you how to follow your own inner Guide.
  • Spiritual Emergence is all about removing everything that you have cluttered your head, heart and life with that is not who you truly are. It can be a joyful discovery as each layer of the old ‘self’ is let go, released, discarded or cleared.

Clearing the Clutter is the first step to creating the space for what is coming into view – that new part of you that is now ready to burst forth into your life full of new energy, new focus, new awareness and new possibilities.  For more information about how you can clear your clutter…Contact Rebecca