When I was getting my Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology 20 years ago I was in the middle of a very scary time. My marriage was dissolving, I was looking for work after being home and raising children for 8 years, my self-esteem had been rattled and nothing in my world looked like what had been there before – I was facing a tremendous ‘gap’ in my known reality. What I had ‘known’, counted on and felt secure and safe with was dissolving and what I sensed coming forward, but could not find a foothold was not clear.  My inner experience of fear, anxiety, excitement and shear terror was with me daily.

This was the first time I heard the encouraging words – just let go, Rebecca and fly.

Well, I did let go in many ways…and also held on tight in others. It was a time of great highs standing on terrifying precipices and feeling very uncomfortable. My work with others took form during those years as I learned how to take leaps, cross a gap without a perceived safety net and  fly by letting go.

We are in those times again.

For those who read this and have faced a similar challenge, you know the reserves of inner strength, courage, commitment and taking one trembling step at a time that show up…and how much inner trust and ‘I can do this’ knowing comes forward. It comes forward because you DID IT! You participated, probably inspite of,  all the voices inside that screamed or pleaded to you to retreat, stay safe or uphold the status quo.

I know those voice inside very well…and what I also know very well is how to build a bridge across a perceived gap with sureness, gradualness, compassion, self loving and connected to the BIG ness of who I am – Living Love. Living Love is what gives our wings the up liftment when we are ready to fly.

I have designed an audio class Bridge to Your Big Life: Connecting Your Human Nature to Living Love  that will teach you what I have learned. and more important, you will experience the inner trust, self-esteem, peace  and loving that comes from connecting the part of you that lives in fear (human nature) with the part of you that lives in freedom, expansion and Lightness (Divine Nature) and experience the BIG ness of you.

I invite you to check the class out and also watch five videos where I share keys to building the inner bridge.