I don’t have to tell you that being a solo/purpose/heart-focused-preneur is a path of transformation.  

To be heard and seen above the crowd in today’s global market place we must not only learn how to TALK about what we do in a unique way BUT we must WALK and demonstrate through how we run our business – what it means to live congruent to our truth, integrity and BIG VISION. And BIG VISIONS are everywhere!

I don’t know anyone who isn’t fueled, from their heart, to show up and make a difference in someone’s life and/or in the world. My clients want to touch others through their real estate business; their trauma relief work; their gluten free baked goods; their aromatherapy products; their business coaching; their death and dying books; their music, art and writing. OR they want to buy local; build sustainable neighborhoods; raise a whole happy child; grow organic food or help support planet changing causes around the world. My experience has taught me – working with 100s of clients who are waking up to what is being called forth inside – that when you align your head, heart, and soul DOING your work in the world it becomes a remarkable soul journey of self-discovery AND a true path to share your talents and gifts through your sacred ambition.

So, if you are looking for a short cut around doing your personal inner work  – you are fooling yourself. If you are really honest with yourself you know there are no shortcuts.

A BIG VISION asks everything of you!

You must learn how to face your insecurities, fears of past conditioning, disappointments, setbacks and limiting beliefs of not good enough. And you must expand into Who YOU Really ARE! Why? Because what is stirring deep inside is the ultimate call for YOU this lifetime – to show up, speak with that shaky vulnerable voice and offer what is most precious knowing that most people will not want it or know they need it – but you offer it anyway. That in itself takes courage and conviction.

BUT what really will bring you to your knees – is what challenges you INSIDE – in those moments AFTER you have been told ‘no’; those sleepless nights of worry and those hectic days of stress and urgency that if you just do it quicker, louder, better, sexier and with more money it will work…and you will win!

Sound familiar?

Well, I am you. I have been in business for over 25 years. I have experienced all of the shiny bright objects, the detours, setbacks, feasts, famines and eddies. Lots of lessons, tears, success…and washouts. But what has been the greater learning – what I have tracked, studied, walked, talked  and dedicated my life work to…is liberating myself and those who are ready from the shackles of self-limitation, fear, and smallness…so they can shine; to speak truth; to be valiant, kind and strong change makers; to know that they are Divine, whole, unconditionally loved AND that their Light and Love, how ever they wish to share that, makes a difference.

Recent graduates of Self Mastery Wisdom School I: Building Your Wisdom Bridge – the first course in a three course series about claiming your sacred calling to cocreate your life as an inner heaven – had this to say when I asked…

What would you tell someone who was interested in the Wisdom School?

“Wisdom School I gave me the tools I can use every day to connect with spirit and to shift old, habitual patterns in my life”

“Instead of looking for ‘solutions’ to my ‘problems’ I am creating a new blueprint for my life from a place of joy and expansiveness.”

“We just don’t clear the old in Wisdom School I – we go higher and create a whole new foundation each time we release the old.”

“I am in awe of me. I haven’t felt this genuine in a really long time.”

“I am forever going to be grateful for this work. “

“This work quickly shifts the subtle levels and through that clearing impacts the physical in a profound way.”  

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