Every year at this time the fiesta singers visit the Acequia Madre Elementary School  one block from my house and lead the  children in songs and cheers Viva Fiesta! It is a sound I love to hear and heralds the beginning of our long lingering late summer/Fall days and evenings.

It’s my favorite time  in Santa Fe but bitter sweet for I know my garden, which is in its full glory, will be losing that ripe glow of vibrancy as the night temperatures drop. Time to savor the last days of another wonderful summer season in northern New Mexico.

 My August guests on Mastering the Shift were especially poignant in their insights and intimate as they shared about their passion and expertise. I am sending you quick links to the archived shows in case you have an hour FOR YOU to relax, listen and contemplate these profound times of chaotic change and new possibilities. Remember you can download all the shows to ITunes for easy listening whenever you have a moment.

 As the light recedes and slowly calls us all into our deeper selves for rest and renewal may you compassionately allow the old ways to complete and make room for an outpouring of new beauty and grace in your life.

 Heart Blueprints: The Shift of True Fulfillment with guest Sheva Carr

 Summer of Love Series – Mars in Relationships and Sexuality with guest Jason Holley


Reimagining Civilization: Breakdown to Breakthrough with guest Kenny Ausubel


Summer of Love Series – Your Venus/Mars Evolutionary Portals with guest Jason Holley


The Messages of Inter dimensional Love – the Hathors with guest Tom Kenyon