In today’s email Inbox two emails announced the closing of a long time service project that no longer can stay afloat because of lack of funding. I immediately thought of all the lives that service project served and the hole that would be left. I also received an email from the authors of an inspirational daily newsletter sharing their thoughts about stepping back to re evaluate their investment of time, energy and new direction. Again, my thoughts were about the lives that this inspirational ezine touched – and the consequences of that absense. Change is everywhere.

This weekend I led a workshop about a compassionate approach to taking a personal quantum leap and how to work with all the internal ‘stuff’ that comes up in the face of change, shifts, letting go of the familiar or taking a giant step forward.  Each participant looked at the times in the past where they stepped out to take a risk, take the spotlight or speak their truth and were shamed, ridiculed, laughed at or silenced – the stuff that usually stays buried in our unconscious. What was so liberating and freeing about doing the workshop, reported one participant, was the opportunity to look, feel, and release the hurt, fear, pain and shame in an environment that was safe and unconditionally accepting.

The results of allowing these buried fears and stuck/frozen places to surface and clear  are a greater overall experience of more safety and security day to day. I don’t need to tell you that all the structures in our lives are either collasping or re configuring. This much change brings up a gnawing feeling of insecurity, anxiety and fear. When we spend time consciously releasing fear from our bodies and the subtle bodies in a workshop setting, in a private session or in a course designed to support this level of work,  our overall reaction to change is not panic – but calm and a sense that despite appearances, all is well.

You can walk through the turning tides of your life with grace, balance, clarity and trust. These abilities and qualities are already inside of you – just not as evident, perhaps,  as the howling voices of fear. Well, those voices can disappear when you have the courage to face and release the old reference points that no longer serve you.

If you would like to get started today I recommend my ecourse – CoCreating a Grace-Based Reality.  My definition of  Grace – the active expression and experience of the unconditional Loving of Spirit.  The 5 week ecourse is designed to take that quantum leap, step forward or change in your life with compassion every step of the way. 

When we know that we walk in Grace life feels safe  no matter how it rumbles.