spiritualemergenceI have been writing a series on spiritual emergence taking stories from my life as a way to illustrate in a brief snapshot how a deep soul calling might appear. The story-line up until now has been from my archives – during a tremendous time of upheaval, change, transformation and inner growth. I would now like to fast forward to a more recent time for me. A time in the past 3 years that has also been trans formative but looks a bit different and therefore contains slightly different teachings.

In 2010 I found myself restless and wanting to expand in new directions – experience life out side my status quo – and to expand in my teaching and working with people. Because I believe that it’s the inner that must proceed the outer I was hungry for adventures that would expose me to a different reality and therefore shift my perceptions, my perspective and  my experience of who I AM.  This would then instruct where my teaching would go.

That’s how I ended up taking a small group of eager cohorts to the Wiltshire County of England in the summer of 2010 to do a workshop on CoCreating a New Reality with the crop circles. Crop circles had been a fascination for many years and elicited pretty much jaw dropping awe and wonder. 

Why crop circles? Because I discovered in 2010 that exposing my ‘normal’ reality to these very ‘un normal’ formations in the grain accelerated my ability to let go of my fixed and controlled hold on limited reality and open me up to a tangible, physical experience of more. Or put another way – the magic, awe and wonder of crop circles is also about the magic, awe and wonder of you and me. When I stood in the middle of a freshly created formation in grain out in the middle of nowhere – created by Unseen Forces for no apparent reason other than to celebrate and communicate the magnificence of this planet and who we are on this planet – well the mind could not rationalize the phenomenon away.  And when the mind quits the wisdom of the heart shines through.

And what is that wisdom? For me – we, you and I, are way more powerful than we even imagine. And it is my belief that allowing our self – giving our self permission – to explore, discover and live from that greater powerful reality IS what we are here for at this time AND what this world needs us all to do!!