Something calls to your heart – a big dream, a big vision for what could be – and you want to act on it. You may have known from a young age that you’re here to change things, to contribute in a big way.
Maybe you’ve started to take action but then “life” got in the way and you lost your momentum. Or maybe you’ve never quite convinced yourself to really go for it. After all, you’re just an ordinary person.
Each post in this series is designed to illuminate 8 things that have killed countless dreams, and one thing you can do about each one. My intention is to support you in your big vision – to help you be the one who never gives up.


Reason #7 Not asking for what you need

Related to, but not the same as, trying to do it by yourself is not asking for what you need.  Many, many people (and we invite you to see if you, too, do this) hesitate to ask for what they need because they’re afraid it might seem “pushy”. Other people allow themselves to wish for what they need but not ask for it “because they’re probably too busy” or some other imaginary reason. Others still haven’t done the rigorous work to determine what it is they actually need.

Instead, you might compromise and settle for something less than you need.  The result is frustration, resignation and a slow grinding halt to your dream. 

One thing you can do: Ask yourself, “Exactly what do I need, by when and from whom?” Think about it without the reasons why it’s not possible. And then make what seems to you like an unreasonable request. The deeper work is discovering the unconscious games you play with yourself including unworthiness or not good enough. Wisdom School One: Building Your Wisdom Bridge has a process around discovering and releasing those games. It’s easier than you think but it does take attention and devotion to getting free.

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