Something calls to your heart – a big dream, a big vision for what could be – and you want to act on it. You may have known from a young age that you’re here to change things, to contribute in a big way.
Maybe you’ve started to take action but then “life” got in the way and you lost your momentum. Or maybe you’ve never quite convinced yourself to really go for it. After all, you’re just an ordinary person.
Each post in this series is designed to illuminate 8 things that have killed countless dreams, and one thing you can do about each one. My intention is to support you in your big vision – to help you be the one who never gives up.


Reason #4 Lack of Self-Trust

If you make agreements with yourself and do not follow through and keep those commitments – you undermine trust in yourself. A part of you tracks these broken agreements and over time, when you say to yourself, “I’m going to write for 20 minutes today.” or “I’m going to call so and so today.” and don’t …well, that part no longer believes you. And when you don’t believe in yourself – you are lost.


Believing in yourself is crucial to holding a big dream and big vision because on some days you are the only one who is still carrying the flame. Lack of self-trust destroys more good ideas and possibilities than any other road block along the way.


One thing you can do: Only make an agreement with yourself that you can keep. Start this moment. And tell yourself – I erase all previous agreements and commitments with myself. Then, tell yourself one thing you can do and WILL do and DO IT! and repeat. Over time a new sense of self-trust will emerge inside – and you will know that you can and will trust who you are … and what you say. One of the six self-mastery tools taught and practiced in the Wisdom School One is New Reference Points. This self-mastery practice re establishes self-trust and effectiveness.

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