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Leaders, Visionaries, and World Servers
All those that are following a Sacred Calling…

Are you wanting to bring the ‘sacred’ into your life and your livelihood?

Your spiritual path and your work in the world are no longer separate. As a Wisdom Teacher and Mentor, I work with business owners, creatives and vision keepers that want to align their innermost sacred heart-fire with a true expression in the world. And do that with personal power and ambition! 

How do you begin? You must first learn the inner tools necessary to work with yourself in a self-loving and compassionate way so you can release that ‘on-fire’ energy and clarity that brings your full dedication and devotion forward in the fulfillment of your sacred ambition. As you clear and transmute your inner baggage your sacred calling blazes into view – and you come alive with fresh insight and momentum.

Your Sacred Ambition is the outer expression of a much deeper knowledge of the truth of who you are and the blessings you have come to share this lifetime.  I have dedicated my life to assisting people just like yourself to embody what is most sacred – and then manifest it in the world.

I invite you to look around and when you are ready to know more…contact me and let’s talk about what is deep within your heart and soul…and how we can work together!

Sound good? Then let’s begin!


I want to support you on this exciting new journey!

Sacred Wisdom Teachings Membership

I created this membership site with you in mind.

I have been teaching and mentoring and counseling the spiritual arena for about 30 years now and created many courses, classes and retreats – and on this membership site I get to put them all in one place so you can participate and explore with access to a greater level of contact with me and with our tribe.

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I champion you through challenging times of confusion; self-doubt; fear or just good old-fashioned “What do I do now?” I teach you the inner spiritual tools to strengthen your connection to Divine Guidance, and how to trust yourself. Often, we laugh and yes, shed a few tears about the magnificence of you that is emerging. I mirror to you the unique gifts and talents that are your blessing to share…and always I am walking with you – side by side – on your life journey of self-fulfillment and self-awakening called Your Sacred Ambition.

The  Sacred Ambition Mentorship is for you if you recognize the sacredness of who you are and are called to bring that sacredness into your relationships, your life, and your livelihood.

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Workshops and Retreats

My passion is to work with small groups deeply in a safe environment where each person can reveal to themselves their True Self and let go of all the clutter that has gotten in the way. Sometimes this takes place in a one or two-day workshop focused around themes like; Radical Loving, Living Your Big Life, Introduction to Self-Mastery. Other times we unplug from the world into a beautiful retreat setting to bring the light into our darkened places, explore grace, compassion, living love (to name a few) all in service to our continued evolution as a spiritual being first and foremost. These intensives then transfer into being able to show up more in the world, come out of hiding and step forward as a visionary, world server and leader.


Noetic Balancing

A Noetic Balancing is an appointment with your soul. The balancing’s intention is to align all of your subtle bodies to the truth of you and clear past karma, negativity, judgments, trauma or anything that no longer serves you. I offer this ancient energy clearing technique because often you have transformed your self through some deep inner work but the energy of what you were letting go of is still around. This is often the case with letting go of your story and clearing trauma. Noetic Balancings sets a ‘new normal’ in your energetic field so you reap the rewards on all levels from your intention to get free and live un-encumbered by the past.

 Experience a Noetic Balancing

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Wisdom Blog

I’ve been writing articles and blogs for over 10 years now. I write about topics that I teach: Self-mastery, Sacred Ambition, Radical Loving, Spiritual Emergence and I share stories and personal experiences that touch my heart and open my eyes to awe and mystery of who are as divine beings. I also have recorded some Video blogs if you would rather watch and listen rather than read.  I encourage you to participate by writing/commenting on my articles and videos.

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My YouTube channel is divided into themes – much like my Wisdom Blog. I have a series of videos that tell the personal stories of some of the Sacred Ambition tribe and how they live their Sacred Calling. I have written a new book Manifesting your Sacred Ambition, to be published in 2018. I created a series of videos that highlight some of the teaching in the new book if you would like a sneak peak. You will also find a series of recordings about radical loving and sacred action.

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 The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One Homestudy

This prerecorded audio and video course presents the self-mastery tools that can create an entirely new foundation in your life. That new foundation will be based in self-loving and self-compassion rather than judgment, shame, blame and limiting beliefs. This home study course as an introduction to the work I do and as a means to teach you how to set yourself free from eons of emotional and mental baggage. You can register and do the lessons at your own timing and receive personal mentoring from me along the way.

If you are wondering if this course is right for you at this time CONTACT ME and let’s talk about where you are in your life.

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Working with Rebecca has, and continues to be, a life-changing experience for me. Her presence and teachings are grounding and wise beyond any work I have done before. Her system for growth works; I have been doing spiritual work for 20+ years but I have found working with Rebecca to be the most rewarding because it’s teaching me on a whole new level.

Mary Wakefield, Travel Concierge

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