Choosing a Noetic Balancing appointment is between you and your Soul.

The intention is to bring you and all your levels into alignment with the Truth of who you are and clear emotional/mental/karmic patterns that distort your knowing that Truth.

How does it work?

The Aura is the lens through which you see the world and interface with life. Your limiting beliefs, judgments, perceptions and past traumas often create blocks in the subtle bodies that exist in the space around your physical form. (aura). When the aura is distorted by how you placed blame or shame on yourself, your life, the world etc so is your perception of and connection to your Divine Source.

Divine Source does not occupy the same space as self-shame, blame and judgment so these misunderstandings need to be cleared in order for you to experience yourself as who you really are - a Divine Being. Noetic Balancing is a technique used to clear the aura of blocks, implants, and judgments. Balancings can also clear ancestral and genetic conditioning and past lives.  Anything that is in the way of you experiencing the authentic Self is what gets released during a balancing.

 Common reasons to seek Noetic Balancing:

  • Recent trauma to the body from either an accident or operation
  • Emotional disturbance due to grief or loss, divorce, cataclysmic world events
  • Reoccurring themes in life of fear of failure, low self-esteem, powerlessness, anxiety, and fear
  • Chronic health issues
  • Seeking greater levels of Soul and Light attunement

This is a radio interview I did with Dr. Robert Waterman. Robert has been teaching Noetic Balancing for over 25 years and shares his wisdom of what takes place during the balancing.

The interview is approx. 12 min long.

What Clients report after a balancing…

Rebecca is one of the most honest, authentic and respectful practitioners I have had the pleasure working with. Her insight, ability to tune in and help release the baggage of the past is outstanding. If you feel burdened, heavy and not sure how to move forward ~ I recommend you seek out Rebecca for a life transforming experience!


Intention is the Key

The intention of both the practitioner and the client are very important during the balancing. The practitioner’s intention is to fully respect the spiritual integrity of the client while invoking the highest source of Light and Loving consciousness. The intention of the client must be an earnest and heartfelt desire to step free of past limitations and embrace their divine destiny. Balancings can be most effective when done over a period of several months. This allows greater levels of clearing and assists activation of the light and crystal bodies that contain the sacred DNA blueprint of the soul.

“I would like to share that I realized several benefits from the session which didn’t become apparent until later that day/the next day and throughout the week”…

  1. Significant improvement in digestion
  2. Significant decreased need for nutritional supplements
  3. Increased muscle strength
  4. Increased energy
  5. Improved hypoglycemia

Scheduling a Noetic Balancing with Rebecca

Balancing typically take from 1 1/2 hours to 2-hours depending on what Spirit brings forward to be cleared. It is recommended that you consider doing a series of three balancing if you are new to Noetic Balancing.

Each balancing is an opportunity to let go and release deeper issues and more habitual blocks and patterns in the energetic bodies. Because I consider balancing to be a ‘holy appointment’ your inner Guidance is best to follow.

  • One Noetic Balancing = $350 
  • Series of Three Noetic Balancing = $900.00 (a $150 savings)
  • (scheduled a minimum of two weeks apart)

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What Clients report after a balancing…

Almost a week after my experience, I must say that things have certainly changed a bit. I’m not sure how or why? My life is as hectic as usual, yet I am a calmer person. I’ve had people telling me that I even look different… Thank you for opening my mind to a different level of being.

The effects of noetic balancing are often subtle - but can be dramatic. You may experience deep relaxation, greater clarity, a sense of coming home, inner peace or well-being.

Thank you again for facilitating this experience. My throat area feels clear for the first time in 5 years…’s an amazing feeling. The whole day after I left I felt very calm and receptive…..not only was there an inner quiet but I was able to focus more and get things done.

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