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Are you wanting to shed eons of inner clutter from the past so you can step forward with confidence, vision and radical loving?

Are you tired of not having your voice be heard so that your great work in the world can make far-reaching impact?

Working with Rebecca is transformative. She guides you, never leads you. She honors you to dig up what is inside you that is gold. She confronts you with compassion and grace. She holds you accountable for doing your work. She is the mentor who brings out your best self even when it is hiding and anxious, stubborn and skeptical. She works compassionately and completely to allow you to unfold as a precious being of light.

Deb Ford

Baker King Lee Ltd.

There are several different ways to work personally with me.

Please take a moment and review the different options below.

How do we begin?

mentorshipretreat.2014 (1)When you contact me about Mentoring we will set up a time for me to hear from you exactly what it is you’re are needing support around at this time in your life. My time is complimentary. I spend this time up front before I work with someone to make sure I am a good fit for you and to answer any questions you might have about our mentoring relationship.

You could be looking for some deeper clearing of old issues in your life that you are aware are holding you back. You also might be wanting on-going support to manifest your big work in the world - what I call your ‘sacred ambition - and want to work with someone who knows the territory. This kind of support always makes the journey easier and not so alone. After all, you don’t have to do this by yourself.

Then, after our initial conversation, I make a proposal of what I think would serve you at this time. The proposal could include virtual sessions using an online program that connects us virtually OR we could work in person where you come into my office either over a series of weeks/months or over several days - which is what I call an Intensive.

Below is more information about the different ways I can work with you. But please know, each person is unique and so how we work together will be tailored to you.

An Individual Clearing Session

ysa-2016-day-two-4During this hour session, we will focus directly on an issue/behavior/challenge or habitual response that you are SO familiar with and SO OVER. I will assist you to clear your energy field of past ancestral conditioning, limiting beliefs and judgments.  Often times these core patterns can be held in place by past lives.

NOTE: This is not a session of story-telling but a focused session for freeing your heart, clearing blocks in your consciousness and getting you unstuck.

Question:  What if I want to do more sessions with you?

Answer: It is often wise to have one session and then schedule more if desired. You can let me know after we have had a session together.

Multiple Individual Sessions

rebecca-mentorLet’s face it. Many times one session is just not enough. There may be many levels of clearing and several different times in your life that are tied to a specific issue, challenge, limiting belief or fear. The several session mentoring package gives us more time to make sure we cover what needs to be cleared thoroughly and allows time in between our sessions for integration. This mentoring package could also include a Noetic Balancing which can be done long distance or in person.

NOTE: Works well around one challenge that you would like to learn new tools to continue clearing and shifting.

Deep Dive Intensive or a Personal Retreat

Have you ever wished you could have a custom made-for-you spiritual intensive where you and your Guide have the time, space and clear intention to do the deep work necessary to shift a deeply entrenched belief system, trauma or reoccurring issue in your life?

In an intensive we combine the luxury of time, intention and the guidance of your Soul to bring forward, in a grace-filled way, just exactly what needs to be cleared, released, healed and processed.

Plus we also have the time and clarity to create the next steps in any area where you are wanting to implement spirit-led movement and greater success. This could be personally or professionally.

The Intensive also includes a Noetic Balancing – which clears your aura of blocks in your energy field from past physical, mental and emotional disturbance and how you have used these experiences against yourself.

NOTE: This Intensive can be done over 1 or 2 days in Santa Fe NM or long distance using Skype. Either way, you are encouraged to set aside these days as a personal retreat time so that maximum clearing, healing, and integration can take place. (approximately 10 hours of personal mentoring plus a follow-up check-in session for next steps)

Here is my invitation to you. If you would like to explore working with me further, please complete the Contact form below and let’s set up a time for our initial conversation. And also, please know, that if I feel the work I do would not serve you at this time I will tell you. I want you to find the support you are seeking so my interest is for your greater good. But if I feel we would have a great partnership and I know the work would benefit your greatly, you can count on me supporting you 100%.

I look forward to hearing from you!


My experience mentoring with you has created profound shifts in my personal and business life.

  • I am kinder to myself and others.
  • I have let go of what no longer serves my Sacred Calling and Sacred Ambition.
  • I have become more confident, calm and certain that I am on the right path to bring my work into the world. I can truly say with all honesty,
  • I feel more complete, healed and whole.

Rebecca is the real deal. She is one of the most gifted healers that I have met in a very long time. She is here to be of service, to support and to encourage inner peace and freedom.

Client - Santa Fe, NM

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