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Video #6 – Radical Loving New Story

I believe radical loving is asking us at this time to write a new story – a new story that will turn the current train barreling toward a catastrophic wreck environmentally, economically and culturally around.

Twenty years from now – 2037 – how do we want to look back on these 20 years? There will be lots of change, chaos, upheaval – those are the times we walking through.

  • But will this time of change be fueled by loving?
  • Compassion?
  • Justice?
  • Sacred action?
  • Radical loving?
  • Or separation, alienation, cruelty, hate and greed.

Please do not think that your new story does not matter. It does. And it is going to take all of us envisioning, sharing, talking about it with friends, in your spiritual and religious congregations, your community and with those that hold power to change policy. And in this month of radical loving, this is a good time to start the story.

The stories that we have written or been living before now have served us in many ways. There is more awareness of the places in our culture, our country and the world that need our attention, our resources of time, energy and action – our sacred ambition.  And we know things that happen instantly due to our social connectivity. But now, these old stories must have fresh eyes and new perspectives if we want to avoid the wreck that is coming.

We must not be a casual observer of the impending doom. We must choose to champion our hearts at this time in service to the greater good and be seen and heard talking about, living and sharing the new story. We must move toward what we want – not just rail at what we don’t.

So today I invite you to get out a pen and paper, or some kind of writing device and use these prompts to capture the creative juices that are pouring into us from Divine energies that are all around:

  1. In 2037 I see…
  2. We are creating this story together by…
  3. My part in this new story…

And then…SHARE!

I will culminate this month of videos in A Day of Radical Loving, February 18th, in Albuquerque NM.  If you would like to learn more here is a link to read about what we will be doing in community… together as we write the new story for our lives and for these times of great challenge.

Learn More Here: rebeccaeskeele.com/a-day-of-radical-loving

Video Series: www.youtube.com/rebeccaskeele

A Day of Radical Loving with Rebecca E Skeele