BIG changes are with us!

They have been for awhile. However these changes and shifts will impact every part of our personal and collective life.

Welcoming change – the change that is asked for and the out-of-the-blue kind – can be challenging and even downright scary. Why? Because it is riddled with the unknown and often feels out of control.

If we choose to walk through the times of great upheaval awake, conscious and grounded in our inner strength and resiliency we can ride the waves of deconstruction with more grace and more peace.

In our one-day workshop we will work with the three stages of great change that I have identified:

Chaos – often experienced as structures and belief systems falling apart and crumbling.

Completion – a process of declaring what no longer serves us is done – and letting go with acceptance.

New Beginnings – discovering the spiritual gifts and treasures that are revealed when the old is cleaned away. A time of great personal growth and revelation.

What If…

…The chaos are messengers from the new that is emerging?

…Falling apart is calling you to pursue new possibilities and discover new gifts?

…Being shaken is not energetically aligned with the new YOU that is emerging?

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Sunday, April 2 | 9am – 4pm MT
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Note: This workshop will NOT be recorded. This workshop is designed to attend in person.

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Rebecca Skeele is a seasoned facilitator having spent the last 27 years working with individuals and groups assisting them to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life. She runs depth retreats and workshops to facilitate each person to know themselves as their True Self.

She is also an Author, a Wisdom Teacher, a Sacred Ambition Mentor, a Licensed Counselor and an ordained Minister.