Sacred Ambition

Your Life as a Camino

Camino: way, journey, path, pilgrimage

What if your life has been and is a Camino? What does that mean?

If you have ever walked a path for several days – maybe on a hike or back packing trip – or perhaps on one of the many Caminos around the world. You usually set out with the destination in mind. I am going to end up HERE. And HERE is some where on a map, or over a mountain range, or along a river or at a sacred site.

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Camino of the True Self: Self-Image or Self-Esteem?

We all have been conditioned to seek validation from the world. When we were small it came from our family, or not; our teachers, or not; our sports coach, or our best friend, our good grades or the ‘in’ crowd at school. At best it was a slippery slope.

At worst it was hell. But we usually figured out some way to get that nod of approval or that accolade of praise – some way to know that we fit in were loved and we were not rejected.

This primal need to NOT be rejected and to fit in pretty much runs the show until we get older and realize the futility of looking outside our self for approval. We note that the energy it takes to maintain an ‘image’ is exhausting.

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Camino of the True Self

2017 has been a full year of retreats, teaching courses, writing on my second book, hosting the 4th annual Your Sacred Ambition Event, and traveling to Europe twice – both to feed my heart and soul in places that call to me.

My Camino (which means, way or journey) this year has been a continuation of a ‘journey’ that started for me about seven years ago.

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