Camino: way, journey, path, pilgrimage

What if your life has been and is a Camino? What does that mean?

If you have ever walked a path for several days – maybe on a hike or back packing trip – or perhaps on one of the many Caminos around the world. You usually set out with the destination in mind. I am going to end up HERE. And HERE is some where on a map, or over a mountain range, or along a river or at a sacred site.

In other words the journey becomes the destination. The destination looms as the magnet that is drawing you each day to put on those hiking shoes, or pick up that back pack, or set out early once again, or spend a few more hours of daylight journeying until the light fades on your quest.

But some where along the way, that motivation, that pull begins to dissipate. The energy to get to the destination wanes. And you find yourself in the present moment: taking that next step even though your feet hurt; quenching your thirst by a spring and sitting for a while to watch the light play across the leaves of the trees; standing for a long pause on the crest of the hill to feel the breeze, to smell the scents on the air and to gaze across the terrain in front of you.

Thoughts enter your mind at these times: How much longer until …? Can I get to the next town, the next camp site? The next shelter for the night? And your Camino becomes about today and this hour and this moment.

This inner questioning is a precious time. For it takes the emphases off OUT THERE and begins to range it into a more internal experience of deeper questing.

What is it I am REALLY looking for?

  • What am I really looking for when I arrive at xyz?
  • Will the experience be disappointing or not?
  • And then what? What happens after I reach my destination?
  • Could my pilgrimage have another focus? Something that I could attain in this moment? And if so, what would that be?

Your Camino of the True Self doesn’t have a destination. Or does it? Perhaps you would like to seek your True Self? Or have an experience of your True Self? Or know when you are NOT in your True Self? (commonly called your False Self).

But is that a destination OUT THERE SOMEWHERE or an experience you can have in this moment? What if your Camino, your journey, your questing, your path is to come more present. Right here, right now.

Then your Camino becomes the journey: this moment, then this moment, then this moment… and you realize your destination is fully present.

Going back to my original title for this piece, Your Life as a Camino could mean your destination is to come present to this moment more authentically, more deeply, more truly …and the journey will reveal the truth of you - Your True Self.

Camino of the True Self – a Two Day Retreat March 2, 3 2018 ~ Santa Fe NM

About Rebecca E Skeele

Rebecca Skeele, Wisdom Teacher and Heaven on Earth Mentor, teaches the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life. She has been working with individuals since 1990 and now teaches a Wisdom School and mentors spiritually focused business owners to live and work from their sacred callings. Rebecca hosts a live event in Albuquerque NM every August - Your Sacred Ambition: Lead from Your Divine Power so You Can Do Well While Doing Good.
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