Sacred Ambition

Wisdom Teacher

“Wisdom” comes from applying new learning and insight directly to situations and circumstances in your life…and then allowing the greater ‘truth’ to emerge beyond the ‘facts’.

This greater truth is accessed by opening the channels within to who you are beyond your mental thoughts and your reactive emotions.

Mentor TwoThere are many channels to wisdom – your body, your senses, your intuition, your heart, your spiritual consciousness and your energetic field that lies beyond your body. When these areas are clear of conditioned limitations from your past, your fears, your ancestral lineage, and genetic programming then you know how to make wise choices for yourself.

Unblocking these channels is the work I do with you. It is a co-creative collaboration of soul to soul … and heart to heart. Once you begin to ‘see’ with the eyes that can truly see – you are on your way to living a happier more fulfilled life and stepping out in the world with your unique talents and gifts.

I offer several ways you can participate in your remarkable soul journey of awakening and clearing away ‘who you are not’. All of these programs have been designed over 25 years of spiritual study, personal practice and learning from thousands of individuals like yourself who want to live their life aligned with Source.

You can go through this inner journey of awakening in a small group setting by enrolling in Wisdom School One. This six-week online course is a deep dive into self-mastery and spiritual empowerment.

Or you may want me to tailor your journey’s course just for you. Then I would suggest working with me privately one-on-one. Private Mentoring is a personal partnership of the most honest and sacred kind. Many clients like to do a combination of group and private depending on what they want to clear, unblock and step into.

The Sacred Ambition Mentorship is a year long program that is the most comprehensive offering of learning the inner tools of self-mastery, uncovering your unique essence and blessing you have come to share and crafting your life and work as a sacred expression of the inner gifts of who you are. This group mentorship is limited to a small group so all participants receive guidance, support, and personal attention.

There are convenient links below to explore all of these offerings further.  Click on the one that interests you and then Contact Me to discuss if these powerful courses are right for you.

It would be my deepest blessing to co-partner with you on your remarkable soul journey.



Working with Rebecca is transformative. She guides you, never leads you. She honors you to dig up what is inside you that is gold. She confronts you with compassion and grace. She holds you accountable for doing your work. She is the mentor who brings out your best self even when it is hiding and anxious, stubborn and skeptical. She works compassionately and completely to allow you to unfold as a precious being of light.

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