Self-Mastery Dance: The One-Two Dance of Self-Acceptance and Forgiveness

Make It HeavenHarsh damning words of blame brought stinging tears to my eyes. The blood rushed out of my stomach and my knees felt weak. I was paralyzed by the intensity of the condemnation. Oddly, the verbal attack was not being spoken by someone else – this voice of self-blame and shame was inside.

Is this scenario familiar to you? Are you aware of the voice of shame and/or blame inside that can quickly reduce your insides to mush and your self-confidence to dust?  I discovered this voice inside myself years ago when I was ending my ‘happily-ever-after’ marriage and breaking up the family – a big no-no in my ancestral lineage.

My saving grace was beginning an intensive healing program that focused on self-acceptance and forgiveness to release past hurt, blame, pain and guilt. I was desperately unhappy, confused and seeking peace from my inner ‘hell’. When the course facilitators suggested that I was my one-and-only judge, jury, and punisher and the cause of much of my unhappiness I came face to face with a part of myself that had been running amuck in my consciousness.  Can I really forgive myself? I wondered. And Will that really release me from this pain?

So I began the process.

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Sacred Ceremonies for a New World…and a New You

Celebrate the NEW YOU and Say Goodbye to the Old

welcoming-lotusA Summer 2012 Wisdom School Offering for Making Peace, Completing and Welcoming the NEW You, plus a BONUS gift audio course: Bridge to Your Big Life

Have you noticed shifts in the way you’re experiencing time or space?

If so, this is because you are not who you were 5 years ago – you are brand new

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