Sacred Ambition

Self-Mastery: Clearing up a BIG Mis-Understanding

Before I talk about the steps to Self-Mastery let’s clear up a mis-understanding. The purpose of self-mastery is to connect your human nature and your divine nature so you can experience the wholeness or holiness of who you are.  In our dualistic world – good vs bad;...

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New Inner Tools that Make a Big Difference in Your Life

discoveryinneryouLet’s spend a few moments exploring the inner you.  How are you inside yourself?

  • Are you happy, content, peaceful, excited about your life?
  • Or is there chronic worry, anxiety or fear that drones on inside of you?
  • Have you experienced a recent upset, setback, disappointment?
  • How’s your energy?
  • Do you feel light hearted? Energized? Or tired? Restless? Foggy or unfocused?
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Part Two: Self-Forgiveness, The Key to Inner Peace

Personally, I have practiced forgiveness for over 20 years. I believe self-forgiveness to be a spiritual practice. What is spiritual healing? One way is to forgive. Our mind, the part of us that is conditioned to rationalize, minimize, make wrong, separate and not...

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Part One: What is Forgiveness?

The first time I was introduced to the opportunity to forgive myself I was a bit confused. Forgive myself? I can do that? What do I want to do that for?  Raised in the southern protestant church I was taught that God forgave, and Jesus was an example of how we should...

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Do you want more NOW W.O.W. moments in your life?

Whack Of Wonder moments happen when you shift out of the mind, connect with your body and expand your heart. This very simple 3 step technique opens up your ability to receive the Divine Reality of who you are – always present, but not always perceived. The steps are...

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