Sacred Ambition

When Uncertainty is the New Normal

observingselfWhat would you know for certain if one day you woke up, looked around your world…and the old map, the old ways, the old structures and paradigms did not work any longer? What could you say, without hesitation, that you could still count on?

Would you immediately be engulfed in fear? Overwhelm? Panic? Would you call out for help and support? Or would you try and put it all back together – kind of like Humpty Dumpty – determined to fix it?

Is this happening to you in some area of your life right now?  If so, you are not alone. Uncertainty is the new ‘normal’ of our times…and from where I am viewing the different levels of reality that are shifting and changing, uncertainty will be around for awhile longer.

Is it possible to find certainty during these times?  I will say Yes. And then I will follow that Yes with a word of caution…The new way of experiencing certainty may still feel uncertain until you shift completely out of the old reference points. So what is certain in today’s world?  Here are a few certainties that I am working with in my life. I share them here for your consideration.

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Self-Mastery Dance: The One-Two Dance of Self-Acceptance and Forgiveness

Make It HeavenHarsh damning words of blame brought stinging tears to my eyes. The blood rushed out of my stomach and my knees felt weak. I was paralyzed by the intensity of the condemnation. Oddly, the verbal attack was not being spoken by someone else – this voice of self-blame and shame was inside.

Is this scenario familiar to you? Are you aware of the voice of shame and/or blame inside that can quickly reduce your insides to mush and your self-confidence to dust?  I discovered this voice inside myself years ago when I was ending my ‘happily-ever-after’ marriage and breaking up the family – a big no-no in my ancestral lineage.

My saving grace was beginning an intensive healing program that focused on self-acceptance and forgiveness to release past hurt, blame, pain and guilt. I was desperately unhappy, confused and seeking peace from my inner ‘hell’. When the course facilitators suggested that I was my one-and-only judge, jury, and punisher and the cause of much of my unhappiness I came face to face with a part of myself that had been running amuck in my consciousness.  Can I really forgive myself? I wondered. And Will that really release me from this pain?

So I began the process.

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Sacred Ceremonies for a New World…and a New You

Celebrate the NEW YOU and Say Goodbye to the Old

welcoming-lotusA Summer 2012 Wisdom School Offering for Making Peace, Completing and Welcoming the NEW You, plus a BONUS gift audio course: Bridge to Your Big Life

Have you noticed shifts in the way you’re experiencing time or space?

If so, this is because you are not who you were 5 years ago – you are brand new

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