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Uncomfortable and Magic Go Together – Spiritual Emergence Lessons

spiritual emergenceDiscombobulating, disorienting; walking on shaky ground…all very common experiences when the time of change is also a time of spiritual emergence.

I had just moved my family (two children, husband and a dog) to the mountains of New Mexico leaving behind my provincial, privileged, comfortable and safe lifestyle in the South.

I knew in my gut that big shifts were afoot. I had no idea that I would be the one to run head first into not only doing something I had never done before but experiencing ‘other’ realities.

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Spiritual Emergence – What is it? and How do You know you Might be in One?

spiritualemergenceYou may be in a time of spiritual emergence if… Does this sound like the opening line to a good comedy routine? Well, when you are in a time of spiritual emergence you may not immediately see the humor.

I just completed doing a spiritual emergence process with 11 open, vulnerable and eager case study participants – and three of them were a bit panicked when we started the process.

What is going on?  Why is my life feeling out of control?  I am feeling so disoriented? Yep, all signs of being in a time of spiritual emergence which also may include:

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Calling All BIG VISION Makers!

Heaven-on-Earth-Wisdom-School-Badge-300x229I don’t have to tell you that being a solo/purpose/heart-focused preneur is a path of transformation.  

To be heard and seen above the crowd in today’s global market place we must not only learn how to TALK about what we do in a unique way BUT we must WALK  and demonstrate through how we run our business – what it means to live congruent to our truth, integrity and BIG VISION. And BIG VISIONS are everywhere!

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Your 3 Anatomies: Physical/Energy/Spiritual – A Match Made in Heaven

threeleggedstoolThe Heaven on Earth Wisdom School teaches the energy techniques, mastery skills, spiritual practices and tools to live and cocreate your life as a personal ‘heaven on earth’. In the Self Mastery Wisdom School I – Building Your Wisdom Bridge you learn  how your physical anatomy, energy anatomy and spiritual anatomy all work together to experience greater freedom, peace, joy, harmony and well-being.

Think of a three legged stool – if one of the legs of the stool is missing the stool does not work. Many times the reason you find yourself overwhelmed, chronically tired, burnt out and over committed is you are not aware of what is available to you to clear, heal and let go of what no longer serves you.

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