Sacred Ambition

A Soft Place to Land

A Soft Place to LandThe facilitator had spent the vast majority of day two of this 5-day transformational training getting us in touch with our limitations – our pain – our self-sabotaging behavior and the way we berated our self with our negativity.

At the time, this kind of experience was new to me. My fellow participants seemed to be getting somewhere – digging into the depths of their wounds with shovels. I, on the other hand, felt like I was using a spoon. I just couldn’t seem to get beyond scratching the surface. “What is wrong with me?” I thought.

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Self-Mastery – Clearing the Clutter

Distractions. Interruptions. Obstacles. TO Dos. Endless mind chatter.

spirit emergenceYou sit down to write, paint, study, read, meditate – anything that is important and on course for you and if you are not truly diligent the ‘clutter’ of your life can creep in.

These constant interruptions can eventually pull you away from what is calling from your heart or whispering from your Soul.

There is bigger creative work you are wanting to do. There are parts of you that are emerging and needing your attention. A deeper stirring is waking up right below the surface and what you scheduled that day doesn’t interest you anymore.

But you put it off. Tell yourself you will make time tomorrow. But you aren’t fooling anyone.

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Do You have BIG WORK to do?

No I’m not talking about writing the next best seller or saving the world.I’m not even talking about that business idea that you are so passionate about or the work you do with people everyday that changes their lives.See, I do work with people everyday that changes...

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The Inner Journey IS the journey

_DSC8829When you know your big vision…when you have been sparked by your sacred calling…when you are clear about the gifts and talents you can bring to the world…what do you do next? NOW WHAT?

When I help people articulate the big vision for their life they usually go a couple of different places. Either into “OK, now what? Give me the plan. Tell me how I bring this forward?”   What I know about this response is the inner spark has been ignited and the energy is moving.  A step by step plan is created and goals are set.

OR Another common response to discovering a bigger vision for their life sounds something like: “OK, what do I have to give up to get this? I can’t do this. This feels way to overwhelming. I don’t really believe I could do this anyway.”

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Choosing to Listen and Follow – Lessons of Spiritual Emergence

spiritualemergenceComing down from the mountain top transformed and re entering my old life was smooth at first. I felt different in my skin. My step was lighter, my heart felt open and I greeted the day with much joy. It wasn’t long, though, before my ‘new’ self began to run into my ‘old’ self.  Some days I questioned this whole new me that was emerging. My former life with kids and husband looked the same on the outside but inside there was a huge new reality coming into view. Nothing seemed to fit quite the way it did before and like a closet full of out-of-season clothes, I did not recognize myself any more. On top of all this discombobulation I also didn’t know how to talk about it. What was happening to me? Why was I restless? seeking new and different experiences? hungry for a deeper experience of myself and my life?

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