When you hear yourself say inside, - ‘I’m just not good enough’ – What are you really saying? And what is feeling ‘good enough’ mean anyway?

Does ‘good enough’ mean…

You are perfect and doing it right?

Someone approved of you?

You “won” the position? The date? The job?

You were chosen above all the others?

They said ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’?

They did not leave?

You are doing everything that was asked of you…and then some?

You are exhausted but you keep going anyway because you can’t let them down?

(If I didn’t list yours please fill in the blank.)

The phrase ‘good enough’ can mean many things to different people. But here’s the one thing, I know. What is common about all the above responses is that your ‘enough’ cup has a hole in it – and just when you think “OK, I’ve done it. I’m feeling good enough!!”  - oops! Your cup is empty again and there you are seeking the illusive feeling state of ‘good enough’.

And what does that look like?

Low level anxiety; worry; sleeplessness; over commitment; over responsibility; self-judgment; overwhelm; exhaustion; too busy; self-blame; pushing; despair… (sigh)

If any of this sounds familiar then I want you to know that I am teaching a Wisdom School mini class for you.  I know the merry-go-round of ‘feeling good enough’ personally and have worked with 100s of clients around this issue. The GOOD NEWS is you can get off this round and round ride and give up the game of THE GOOD ENOUGH.  It is a false game based in mis perceptions about who you are and what your life is about.

Are you ready to experience contentment? Fulfillment? Wholeness? Enoughness?? Joy? Happiness?

I hope so.

Please join me – for these 3 Wisdom School Mini Classes September 19, 20 and 21. If you can not make the audio classes live they will be recorded so you can listen to them again and again.


Here are the details:

Class #1 - Finally! Know Your Worth

Thursday, September 19 12PM PT/1PM MT/2PM CT/3PM ET/8 PM London

Class #2 - Finally! Align Your Head and Heart

Friday, September 20   10AM PT/11AM MT/12PM CT/1 PM ET/6 PM London

Class #3 - Finally! Speak Your Truth

Saturday, September 21  10AM PT/11AM MT/12PM CT/1 PM ET/6 PM London


I would so love to get an email from you after these classes that you are GIVING UP THE GOOD ENOUGH GAME and are living each day from the fullness of who you are!!

Join me!

About Rebecca E Skeele

Rebecca Skeele, Wisdom Teacher and Heaven on Earth Mentor, teaches the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life. She has been working with individuals since 1990 and now teaches a Wisdom School and mentors spiritually focused business owners to live and work from their sacred callings. Find Rebecca's latest book: You Can Make It Heaven, and her Journal: Keys To Make My Life a Heaven on Amazon.
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