I am speaking of vulnerability. There I’ve said it first thing so you can get past the shaking and quaking.  “oh my god, not THAT!” a client murmured to herself when I suggested we look at the uncomfortable waters of speaking from her heart.

There’s no way around it,  – speaking what your heart knows to be true is vulnerable. And vulnerability for many feels very unsafe and even dangerous.

Many of my clients are wanting to follow a BIG calling in their life which requires greater and greater levels of speaking up and speaking out. And it doesn’t matter if you are presenting to the Board of a large corporation and talking to your child – speaking the truth of your heart can challenge your sense of belonging, shame and self-worth.

No wonder we shake and quake when we hear the word!

But what I know is  discovering a new place inside of safety and security can make all the difference. Knowing the intrinsic inner value of your worth and accessing your magnetic super conductor space of your heart is the secret formula to the greater power of YOU that is what speaking from your heart can unleash.

So the third and final Mini Audio Class in this 3-part series Finally! Speak Your Truth! Will be all about how you put these three content rich teaching classes together and connect the dots to a new vision for your self and your life!

Here are the details for the three mini classes September 19, 20, 21 2013.

Please NOTE: All the classes will be recorded for easy download to your MP3 player or IPad so if you miss the class live you will not miss out!

Class #1 - Finally! Know Your Worth

Thursday, September 19 12PM PT/1PM MT/2PM CT/3PM ET/8 PM London

Class #2 - Finally! Align Your Head and Heart

Friday, September 20   10AM PT/11AM MT/12PM CT/1 PM ET/6 PM London

Class #3 - Finally! Speak Your Truth

Saturday, September 21  10AM PT/11AM MT/12PM CT/1 PM ET/6 PM London

How to Enroll?

When you purchase my book, You Can Make It Heaven, for $16 J  you will not only receive my book ( either ebook or paperback) but you will receive the call-in information to these mini classes – All for $16.


This is a ONE TIME Special OFFER! These teachings are covered in the Heaven on Earth Wisdom School I – Self-Mastery: Bridging to your Divine Nature (along with MUCH more) but I felt they were so important that I wanted to make them stand along classes. These three teachings can make a BIG difference in your life – and it’s time!! Time to set yourself free of limiting beliefs, fears and judgments.

Do you agree?

Hope so! Join me.

About Rebecca E Skeele

Rebecca Skeele, Wisdom Teacher and Heaven on Earth Mentor, teaches the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life. She has been working with individuals since 1990 and now teaches a Wisdom School and mentors spiritually focused business owners to live and work from their sacred callings. Find Rebecca's latest book: You Can Make It Heaven, and her Journal: Keys To Make My Life a Heaven on Amazon.
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