Once Upon a Time, when you first came into this world…

Your connection to the Divine Source was fully present. You did not question it. You not only knew who you were but what your purpose was in this life. Your Soul entered this lifetime with knowledge of your greater destiny and with the point of view of learning greater and greater levels of loving…through each experience, no matter who won or lost, or how it felt.

And then life happened.

Families, cultures, communities, schools, friends, teachers, religions and siblings. The noise from all the rules, restrictions, conditioning, beliefs of the world blocked the celestial sound. Experiences of hurt, disappointment, discouragement, betrayal, abuse, loss and fear were taken personally. Divine Source felt far away or “just a fairy tale.” Your divine connection had permanent static on the line.

You began to believe the ‘limiting stories’ you created based on the events of your life. And these conditioned stories took up permanent residence in your energy field. The consequence? Every time one of those limiting stories was re stimulated from a present hurtful remark, or a fear of lack the original ‘limiting story’ came alive again. And you found yourself back in the ‘old’ downward spiral of shame or blame or negative self-talk.

But what could be possible if you learned how to let go of these ‘old’ energy patterns?

What if you could assist your body to release your conditioned limiting beliefs about lack, or despair, or disappointment? 

What if you knew how to clear old thinking and feeling habitual responses so you stopped playing small and stopped hiding your gifts and talents?

The Heaven on Earth Wisdom School was created to do all of that and more. The Wisdom School One – Self-Mastery: Building Your Wisdom Bridge is the foundational teaching that can put you on the path to inner freedom, loving, joy, compassion and heaven!

Is it time that you set yourself free from what is no longer serving you?