The world of relationships is going through a big deconstruction. Well, what else is new! Along with all other sectors of our life we are also experiencing ‘new’ learnings in this area. My guest on Mastering the Shift, astrologer and author Phyllis Mitz, takes us through each sun sign  dynamically articulating what we can expect in the area of new learnings. Her bright, witty and on-the-mark forecast shows how we can flourish and blossom during this time of ‘challenge’.

What does Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune have to do with the ‘big’ picture? Well, lots… and as Phyllis states, astrology gives us part of the picture but not all of the picture. In other words, once we see the possiblities – both challenging and uplifting – we get to choose our course of inner action. What do I want to do with this information? How can I use it for me? What is usable for my upliftment, my growth and my learning?

When I know, for instance, that a certain planet is challenging me to let go of old, worn out, illusions and beliefs about my relationships I can get to work – inner work – and ask for spiritual guidance, support and strength. That does require taking moments out of my busy schedule to turn within, ask and listen. This is when a daily routine of meditation, contemplation, prayer or spiritual exercises really starts to pay off.

AND the by product of slowing down, turning within and listening is….patience. BIG shifts are gradual – like turning a large ship around in the ocean. Holding with and for myself as the new begins to emerge, the clarity breaks through the dark clouds and the heart softens creates grace-filled transitions, shifts and changes.

Because ultimately – the only real relationship that exists is the relationship inside your self to YOU. Spend the time nurturing and tending that one….be the love, be the joy, be the peace and contentment. Loving is contageous, you know!