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Spiritual Emergence – What is it? and How do You know you Might be in One?

spiritualemergenceYou may be in a time of spiritual emergence if… Does this sound like the opening line to a good comedy routine? Well, when you are in a time of spiritual emergence you may not immediately see the humor.

I just completed doing a spiritual emergence process with 11 open, vulnerable and eager case study participants – and three of them were a bit panicked when we started the process.

What is going on?  Why is my life feeling out of control?  I am feeling so disoriented? Yep, all signs of being in a time of spiritual emergence which also may include:

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The Power of Altitude – Lessons in Spiritual Emergence

IMG_0584_1Microlight plane Outside my Comfort Zone Ancient Avebury from the air Flying over crop circles.

This is a microlight plane – and that’s a dear-in-the-headlights picture of me  about to take off…and yes, I did fly over the crop circles in this tiny thing even though earlier that day I said I wouldn’t 🙂  When I am faced with an experience out side my comfort zone I often say NO before I say YES. Because I am used to this knee jerk response inside I don’t judge myself. I have learned, after many years, to acknowledge this part of me that gets cranky when I am wanting to fly around in such a teeny machine. After all, this is not what I choose to do every day of my life! And having put myself in an adventure of spiritual emergence I knew this part of me would be challenged.

  • We actually have a part of our consciousness who’s  job it is to keep us comfortable and maintain our status quo no matter what. But that can be limiting.
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Sacred Ceremonies for a New World…and a New You

Celebrate the NEW YOU and Say Goodbye to the Old

welcoming-lotusA Summer 2012 Wisdom School Offering for Making Peace, Completing and Welcoming the NEW You, plus a BONUS gift audio course: Bridge to Your Big Life

Have you noticed shifts in the way you’re experiencing time or space?

If so, this is because you are not who you were 5 years ago – you are brand new

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Video Blog #2 – Moments of a New Reality: Setting Your Intention

Setting your Intention is the first step in cocreating a new reality. What area of your life are you wanting to experience differently? How would you like to begin showing up in your life? your relationship? your family? your career? To allow a greater reality to emerge in alignment with the truth of you can be an experience of awe, wonder and a bit of anxiety. Come along with the workshop participants on this adventure of cocreating a new reality with the crop circles and give yourself a new perspective.

Video Blog #2 – Moments of a New Reality from Rebecca Skeele on Vimeo.

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Video Blog Moments of a New Reality: Experiencing a Crop Circle

LoveTalks – Rebecca Skeele from Rebecca Skeele on Vimeo.

I had the opportunity to share, from a deep place of awe and wonder, my experience of walking in these temples that are created each year all over the world in fields of grain. They are called ‘crop circles’.  I will be posting Moments of a New Reality – short video blogs – during my upcoming worskhop June 10 – 15 and capture those transcendent moments that are available when you allow yourself to open up to a new reality.

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