Sacred Ambition

Your Metamorphosis

ButterflyDid you play on a see-saw as a child?

Growing up, my little brother and I spent hours pushing each other up and down on this playground apparatus.

And, our game went like this…


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The Magic in direct Experience – Lessons of Spiritual Emergence

IMG_0542Crop circle weaving Crop circle tuft Crop circle swirl

When you are up close and having a personal experience with the grain in a crop circle the different patterns created in the formation will astound you. As you first enter the crop circle you might find all the above in one formation and as you continued to explore all the various parts of a single crop circle more sculpted areas are revealed. Is has been documented in over 1000s of circles that the grain is actually laid down or bent – not broken – to form the patterns that we see from the air. And how they are swirled, tufted, woven and sculpted  create the 3-D affect that so many of them contain.

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A New Reality – Lessons of Spiritual Emergence

spiritualemergenceI have been writing a series on spiritual emergence taking stories from my life as a way to illustrate in a brief snapshot how a deep soul calling might appear. The story-line up until now has been from my archives – during a tremendous time of upheaval, change, transformation and inner growth. I would now like to fast forward to a more recent time for me. A time in the past 3 years that has also been trans formative but looks a bit different and therefore contains slightly different teachings.

In 2010 I found myself restless and wanting to expand in new directions – experience life out side my status quo – and to expand in my teaching and working with people. Because I believe that it’s the inner that must proceed the outer I was hungry for adventures that would expose me to a different reality and therefore shift my perceptions, my perspective and  my experience of who I AM.  This would then instruct where my teaching would go.

That’s how I ended up taking a small group of eager cohorts to the Wiltshire County of England in the summer of 2010 to do a workshop on CoCreating a New Reality with the crop circles. Crop circles had been a fascination for many years and elicited pretty much jaw dropping awe and wonder. 

Why crop circles?

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Choosing to Listen and Follow – Lessons of Spiritual Emergence

spiritualemergenceComing down from the mountain top transformed and re entering my old life was smooth at first. I felt different in my skin. My step was lighter, my heart felt open and I greeted the day with much joy. It wasn’t long, though, before my ‘new’ self began to run into my ‘old’ self.  Some days I questioned this whole new me that was emerging. My former life with kids and husband looked the same on the outside but inside there was a huge new reality coming into view. Nothing seemed to fit quite the way it did before and like a closet full of out-of-season clothes, I did not recognize myself any more. On top of all this discombobulation I also didn’t know how to talk about it. What was happening to me? Why was I restless? seeking new and different experiences? hungry for a deeper experience of myself and my life?

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Uncomfortable and Magic Go Together – Spiritual Emergence Lessons

spiritual emergenceDiscombobulating, disorienting; walking on shaky ground…all very common experiences when the time of change is also a time of spiritual emergence.

I had just moved my family (two children, husband and a dog) to the mountains of New Mexico leaving behind my provincial, privileged, comfortable and safe lifestyle in the South.

I knew in my gut that big shifts were afoot. I had no idea that I would be the one to run head first into not only doing something I had never done before but experiencing ‘other’ realities.

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