Sacred Ambition

The Power of Altitude

The Power of Altitude
On a past trip to see the crop circles I faced a major fear. Earlier in the day as we prepared to see the circles in Ancient Avebury, I had said that I wouldn’t be going up in the microlight plane. But then I thought about it. The image you see here, is the evidence of my overcoming the fear and climbing inside this tiny thing to fly over the crop circles.

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Your Metamorphosis

your MetamorphosisDid you play on a see-saw as a child?

Growing up, my little brother and I spent hours pushing each other up and down on this playground apparatus.

And, our game went like this…


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Discovering Your Sacred Calling

Discovering Your Sacred CallingYou came to me saying you wanted to achieve that level of business success that had eluded you.

I said, Great. As we talked further, however, what emerged beyond that dream was a place of emptiness and loneliness that no level of business success had been able to fill. And you said you wanted to also be happy. And I said, Yes, of course.

But as we talked what became clear was that what you thought would make you happy was just your best guess about how to fill that emptiness.

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PART TWO: Discovering the Sacred Calling

magicbookOK I have considered your approach, you say after pondering my words. But I have another thing I want to share.

I believe I have a sacred calling that both energizes me and terrifies me. I nod my head. But I don’t really know what it is. There’s something more I’m suppose to do with my life. I can’t see it…I just feel it compelling me to find it. And this is so overwhelming. What if what I am suppose to do will cost me my relationship, my friends? I’m already torn between my family and my work. And it feels way too powerful. Will I be accepted? Will others ridicule me because I have so much ambition?

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PART THREE: What is sacred about my ambition?

And our tale continues…  My ambition is sacred? you ask.

Yes, I reply.

At this point you are obviously perplexed.  So you continue, I have always been embarrassed about how ambitious I am…and I don’t like the word anyway. Ambitious people are consumed with ‘me, me, me’ all the time and have to sacrifice everything for what they want.  That’s not me. I don’t want to be like that and at the same time I have this inner compelling drive to share who I am and what I do in a much bigger way. And one more thing, you continue…Can you really have it all?

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