Sacred Ambition

Discovering Your Sacred Calling

magical bookYou came to me saying you wanted to achieve that level of business success that had eluded you.

I said, Great. As we talked further, however, what emerged beyond that dream was a place of emptiness and loneliness that no level of business success had been able to fill. And you said you wanted to also be happy. And I said, Yes, of course.

But as we talked what became clear was that what you thought would make you happy was just your best guess about how to fill that emptiness.

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PART TWO: Discovering the Sacred Calling

magicbookOK I have considered your approach, you say after pondering my words. But I have another thing I want to share.

I believe I have a sacred calling that both energizes me and terrifies me. I nod my head. But I don’t really know what it is. There’s something more I’m suppose to do with my life. I can’t see it…I just feel it compelling me to find it. And this is so overwhelming. What if what I am suppose to do will cost me my relationship, my friends? I’m already torn between my family and my work. And it feels way too powerful. Will I be accepted? Will others ridicule me because I have so much ambition?

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PART THREE: What is sacred about my ambition?

And our tale continues…  My ambition is sacred? you ask.

Yes, I reply.

At this point you are obviously perplexed.  So you continue, I have always been embarrassed about how ambitious I am…and I don’t like the word anyway. Ambitious people are consumed with ‘me, me, me’ all the time and have to sacrifice everything for what they want.  That’s not me. I don’t want to be like that and at the same time I have this inner compelling drive to share who I am and what I do in a much bigger way. And one more thing, you continue…Can you really have it all?

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PART FOUR: I’m not sure I want to be Powerful!

Our tale continues…

So I begin: Let’s start with taking a nice deep breath in on this one! I can tell that talking about power brings up some issues.  Would you like to share more?

Power is dangerous! Period, you say with energy. AND powerful people use and abuse power. I want to know how to be powerful that is attractive and in integrity.

Ok, I reply. Again, let me share this for your consideration…

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Once upon a time….FINAL PART: Your Choice

I begin: This remarkable soul journey of finding ALL of YOU and then bringing all of you forward to manifest your sacred calling begins with your choice.

Yes, you nod your head. I thought I was choosing to ramp up my marketing or create another offer or attend more networking meetings…and I can still do all of that. But what I’m really choosing is me. I’m choosing to go inside and discover exactly who I am. And , you look directly at me, I have to trust that what I will find will be everything that you describe and maybe more.

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