Your Sacred Action and Radical Loving Self-Survey

Welcome to Your Sacred Action and Radical Loving Self-Survey where you can discover where you are on your journey of bringing your sacred calling out into the world!

Are you taking your steps with sacred action in your community, in your business, in your social activism but would like more support and community?

Do you hesitate and hold yourself back from expressing that fierce and bold expression of your loving that could make a far-reaching impact?

Do you sometimes struggle to find the right words to express the vision you hold in your heart? but feel compelled to speak up because of the division that divides our ability to listen to each other?

Below you will find 20 questions. (have a pen and paper handy)

Answer all 20, add up your score, and then read What Your Score Means.

This section has some teaching tips as well as possible next step suggestions.

Have fun with this. It’s designed to give you a snapshot that could be very helpful in deciding how you would like to be supported going forward! En-joy!

Make  sure you total up your score BEFORE you Read What Your Score could mean.

What Does my Score Mean?

If you scored:

20 – 60 = Your Sacred Calling is Emerging

Congratulations! The emergent stage is so important to the process of birthing your sacred calling into the world. And it can be a delicate time of listening deeply inside to what would support you to move beyond the ways you might be holding yourself back. Are you ready to launch that sacred ambition business, or social initiative or project and become more visible in your community but not sure the right expression for your sacred action? Take a moment and ask yourself: What would feed your heart and soul with the deep support it needs to take your sacred action steps with radical loving?

The world needs your fire, your love, and your action. Now, more than ever, we are living through times that would try and divide us, create rancor and separation and squelch our compassion, our heartfelt call for justice and equality for all. You carry the seed inside that is a perfect expression of radical loving for this time. I believe it is our responsibility to remove the inner “clutter” of fear, playing small and beliefs that we don’t have what it takes that would stand in our way so we can shine our light brightly – and champion the qualities of inclusion and right stewardship for the greater good.

Would finding a community of support - a tribe - assist you at this time to stand boldly in what you want to champion? And what about learning the ‘what’ and the ‘how to’ that creates viable and far reaching sacred ambitions that flourish and serve the greater good? Would this be helpful?

A suggested ‘next step’ for you could make all the difference.

If you scored:

61 – 100 = You are on Your Way

Congratulations! The world is ready for your love, your light, and your vision! How do you want to express that fire in the world? Through a sacred ambition business? A social initiative? Through sacred activism or community service? Or showing up authentically in your family and life?

Radical loving through sacred action has many expressions and many opportunities and today the world needs your expression more than ever. You have so much in place already to bring the goodness of who you are out into the world and in service to the greater good. The best practices of knowing your essence, your blessings and your sacred action expression are the keys to living a life that is on purpose and deeply fulfilling. When you are living your truth your sacred ambition fuels the fire in your belly and you stay the course with commitment, devotion and true consecration to what you hold most sacred.

The keys to boldly manifesting that sacred calling are: Know who you are; Dance with and embrace uncertainty and the unknown; Give yourself permission to DO, BE and HAVE more of what you truly want; Cultivate a thriving inner dialogue with your Divine Guidance; Have best practices and strategies to manifest your vision in service to the greater good.

I would love to support you! A ‘next step’ suggestion is below.

A Possible Next Step

Consider attending this year’s Your Sacred Ambition Live Event that will be held this August in Albuquerque, NM. There you will experience, maybe for the first time, a room full of world servers, leaders, and visionaries just like you! And have the opportunity to clear some old baggage, declare that vision in your heart and be witnessed and celebrated for who you are.

This live event will give your sacred calling and sacred action wings so you can leave the event energized, clear and on purpose to stay the course.

Your Sacred Ambition Live Event

Radical Loving Participants from Your Sacred Ambition Event

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