Sacred Ambition

Manifesting Your Sacred Ambition Teaching: Permission to DO, BE and HAVE what you want

Big energyWhat do you want? I mean really want? At the first transformational workshop I ever did this was the question on Day 5 – What do you want? I remember at that time it seemed like a simple enough question – I mean, isn’t it easy to know what I want?

But my experience of that process was much different than I expected.

My vivid visual memory of that process of What do you want? was a picture of me, standing on a chair – shouting as loud as I could with tears streaming down my face – “I want to love”.  In fact, I shouted it over and over again (along with a room full of about 250 other participants who were shouting) so much that I lost my voice.


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I Like the Long View

A Video Message From Rebecca

Year ending and a new year beginning is a time when many of us are looking at the long view.

Looking behind us to take stock of the last 12 months and looking ahead at what we would like to create, put into motion, let go of or begin a new.

Many of us take time to visualize the coming year with certain outcomes; maybe we come up with an intention or a word that will direct us. Some of us go into a prayer full time or a time of meditation wanting to set the energy or the tone for the coming year – listening inside to guidance or direction.

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It’s Time to Take a Leap. Not Negotiable and other Learnings – Rebecca Skeele Play BIG

Play BIG

I remember the moment like it was yesterday – a lightening bolt of energy flashed through my body. Or maybe it was the answer to an unspoken prayer that I finally was able to articulate.

It went like this… then when I thought about the alternatives – stay small and get more clients or have more people take my classes – the inner answer was…

NO… It is time to take the leap girlfriend! Not Negotiable!!!

That moment, four years ago, was a watershed moment. Everything before became ‘who I used to be and what I used to do’. What lay ahead…was the GREAT UNKNOWN.

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Are the “What Ifs” Driving You Crazy?

It’s the middle of the night and here you are awake again at 3am. And what are those thoughts in your head?  If you are like so many of us who are holding a big vision and birthing a sacred calling – your thoughts could sound something like:

Play BIG

What if no one opens my email?
What if my teleclass doesn’t make?What if I am charging too much or not enough?
What if they don’t get my vision? Did I use the right words?
What if I put it out there and people laugh at me?

So what happened to all the inspiration and self-trust you had earlier that day? It’s like the darkness of the night blots out the light of your enthusiasm and joy.‘What ifs’ undermine your faith in who you are and what you are here to share. They can cause self-doubt, confusion and leave you listening to the ‘experts’ advice rather than following your own inner guidance.

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Manifesting Your Sacred Ambition: Teaching #1 Know Who You Are

Rebecca Skeele, Wisdom Teacher and Heaven on Earth Mentor, teaches the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life.As your sacred calling matures in its emergent state and you know that soon the birthing will be inevitable there are five areas that must be addressed and actualized for the passage from emergent to manifestation to be as smooth as a transition as possible.

Actually the transition is really a seesaw experience. First comes the instinctual push from the inside to get something out there – talk to friends, write a blog, post on social media, craft a story, paint a painting, design a business card, rent an office or store front – and then the undertow sets in with the first wave of ‘Wait a minute…what have I done?”  “What will people think?”  “Who am I anyway to say these things…I’m not original”

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