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Rebecca Skeele, Author, Heaven on Earth Mentor and Wisdom Teacher and Speaker, is known as an expert in teaching the inner spiritual tools to initiate a major life shift in consciousness. She is gifted at being clear, focused, and on the mark in guiding a clear path into  the quantum  realities so her students can reveal to themselves their connection to  their Divine Reality. Her clients say she is brilliant, powerfully loving and unshakable in her commitment to mirror the truth so that others may set themselves free of self imposed limitations. Her passion is demonstrating the power of each person to access their divine reality and share their sacred ambition with the world

Rebecca is an ordained minister and licensed counselor who has facilitated seminars in practical spirituality in the United States and Europe. Rebecca holds two Master’s degrees: M.A. in Spiritual Counseling and M.A. of Theology in Spiritual Science. Rebecca was named Counselor of the Year in 2005 by the New Mexico Counseling Association for her visionary leadership and natural ability to inspire.

Rebecca speaks from experience and teaches what she knows — that everything in life is designed to uplift us and that our home with Spirit is waiting for each of us — when we have the willingness, courage and resilience to shift and claim our spiritual heritage. Her approach is authentic, wise and humorous as she teaches through examples from her life of waking up, letting go of the drama/trauma, shifting out of self-limiting beliefs and judgments and choosing to live in love no matter what.

Rebecca’s first book was published in Fall 2002: You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving. The audio book on 4 CD’s read by the author was released in Spring 2004. She launched her soul-focused Wisdom School in 2005.  She  facilitates a 6 month experiential Noetic Balancing Training that teaches the ancient protocol of balancing the aura and quantum field to graduates of the Wisdom School. And she host a live event in Albuquerque NM every August: Your Sacred Ambition - Lead from Your Divine Power so You Can Do Well While Doing Good.

Born and raised in the south, she lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband. Mother of two grown children, Rebecca spends her time writing, teaching the Wisdom School, mentoring private clients  and reveling in the awe and mystery of this human journey as a spiritual being.

Speaking Topics

Your Sacred Ambition – Lead from your Divine Power so you can do well while doing good

We do not have good examples of how to lead with our sacred gifts and talents in service to the greater good. Finding the way through all the world’s standards of what it means to be powerful and ambitious and do well as a spirit-led-big-mission business man or women requires us to clear out the inner clutter; embody our divine power and learn how to follow inner guidance with certainty and inner resiliency.

Clearing the Inner Clutter: 3 keys to freeing up your energy, your enthusiasm and your forward momentum

You stay stuck in the same old dramas in relationships, in missed opportunities and in limiting beliefs like: I’m not good enough, I don’t have what it takes, I don’t measure up. To get off this merry-go-round dead end ride you must realize you are playing a game with yourself, identify what is running the game and opt out.  Then an entirely new expansive playing field will open up – a place that is connected to the unlimited nature of who you are and the unlimited possibilities of what you can create in your life and work.

Self-Mastery: The Inner Dance of your human and divine nature and how to build your inner wisdom bridge

Most of us live in a divided house – our human nature craves safety and security while our divine nature lives in expansion and growth. Learning the six powerful spiritual tools to bridge the gap and build an inner new foundation based in self-loving increases our ability for happiness, wholeness, joy and wisdom.  When we see our self through the eyes of compassion and apply proven steps to shift out of the old patterns – our life is transformed – for real.

I believe in magic and signs. I believe that everything in my life has the right time and its meaning. I met Rebecca in June 2013 and it was magic. The second time we met in March 2014.

Year 2013 and until Easter I was being through major changes / challenges in my life, l lost a few important people to me. Somehow I know and feel that I am entering a new life chapter, but still not sure that I understand fully my “sacred ambition”. I trust that Rebecca´s event will change my life forever and I trust to go through this experience with her.

With respect and love, Lenka Dvořáková

Rebecca Skeele On Stage

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Love Talks with Rebecca Skeele

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Rebecca Skeele Tamaya

Rebecca Skeele Speaker, Wisdom Teacher

Rebecca Skeele Speaker, Wisdom Teacher

Rebecca Skeele Speaker, Wisdom Teacher

Rebecca Skeele Speaker, Wisdom Teacher

Rebecca Skeele Speaker, Wisdom Teacher

Wisdom Teacher


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Rebecca has helped me to connect to my core, underneath the distractions of and reactions to daily life.  I call that place the moment where the stone enters the pond: before and in the center of all the ripples. She shows me how to get to the heart of my struggles while finding tools to release tension more quickly. She brings compassion and deep caring to her work with me at all times. And her work allows me to recognize my choice to be in joy with each breath.

—Burke Denman, President of Denman and Associates