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Your Sacred Ambition 2016

I can still feel the love, laughter and sacred sharings from last years Your Sacred Ambition Event. 

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Your Sacred Ambition 2015

I can still feel the love, laughter and sacred sharings from last years Your Sacred Ambition Event. Knowing this 2015 Your Sacred Ambition Live Event is coming up soon is thrilling for me.

Not only will this year’s event have the greatest gathering of sacred ambition visionaries, world servers, and leaders who will spend 3 profound days of aligning their sacred call with their ambition and inner power - but we will have so much fun getting to meet and share with like-hearted professional men and women who are changing the way sacred business shows up in the world.

Your Sacred Ambition Live Event: Lead from Your Divine Power so you Can Do Well While Doing Good

Mentor Two

Having been at Your Sacred Ambition as the event photographer, I was experiencing Rebecca, the speakers and each of you through the lens of a camera, capturing moments in photographs and observing your huge hearts and spirits. Being asked to compile the highlights of this event into daily videos has allowed me to experience the 3 days right along with you as a participant. It was such a blessing to have access to the video!

In doing so, I got to feel your hearts again, float in the blessed silences, cry and laugh with you and to stand in the light to declare my own Sacred Ambition among you all. Please enjoy these videos and bask in the memory, the work and the purity of those wondrous 3 days in New Mexico.

I look forward to seeing you all again.

Steve Cozart, Photographer

“I really didn’t know why I needed to be here but now I know dozens of reasons…and this has changed my life.”

“Get a ‘hit’ of the 2014 Sacred Ambition Event energy from these beautiful participants.”

Sacred Ambition

Mentorship Retreat


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