Sacred Ambition

Sacred Ambition Mentoring is a path of Self-Awakening. It is time to let go of the old and come out of hiding.“

Sacred Ambition

Your Sacred Ambition is expressing the essence of who you are through your deep soul calling …and doing it with courage, strength, clear seeing and inspired action.

Your Sacred Ambition is the outer expression of a much deeper knowing of the truth of who you are and the blessings you have come to share this life time.

Your Sacred Ambition speaks to you through the places you feel the most vulnerable…and yet those are the places that hold hidden treasure.

Yes, it will challenge how you limit yourself and what part of your personal power you deny. But it will give you new eyes to see the greater vision for your life – the life you came here to live.

You will see that divine spark mirrored in the eyes of those that are walking with you. And you will know and accept all parts of yourself through their support and through their compassionate witness.

Your Sacred Ambition Mentoring is a 12-month intensive designed to up-level your business, your clear path of personal and spiritual truth, your unique talents and gifts and your business acumen.

The 12-month mentorship covers

  • Learning the inner spiritual tools to create a new inner foundation based in self loving and self compassion.
  • Creating new reference points inside yourself for Loyalty to Self, essence and blessing, embodying Divine Power, and knowing and living your sacred ambition.
  • Practical business guidance in making your ‘vision’ real so that you can build a level of momentum in your business or project that pulls you forward on your intended path and bypasses the pitfalls that can sabotage inspired action.

Included in your year will be:

Three retreats, Group Thought Leadership Calls, Self-Mastery Wisdom School One, Professional Courses for business manifestation

The Sacred Ambition Mentorship begins August 2017

Your Sacred Ambition Live Event: From Heart’s Calling to Bold, Loving Action

To Register for the Sacred Ambition Live Event 2017 go HERE

A Participant shares about her experience of Sacred Ambition Mentoring

This short video is a compilation of sharings from the past two years of Your Sacred Ambition live event participants. These women came to this event from very different backgrounds and for very different reasons…but they all left with a profound experience of the power of who they are and a clearer vision of their great work in the world.  The Sacred Ambition Mentorship follows this 3-day life changing journey with 12 months of masterful guidance and solid systems and strategies to manifest that sacred ambition business or social initiative in the world.

For a Conversation and 2017 Mentorship application contact Rebecca

Deadline for Application:  August 26, 2017

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