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If you choose me as your Mentor, I assist you to uncover who you are - beyond all the clutter from the past -  and live your life from that truth. Along the way you will also discover the unique gifts and talents that you were born to bring to the world. I inspire and encourage you to stand forward with your radical loving and align your ambition and power with what is sacred to you. From there, the magic begins to happen in your life

Rebecca Skeele Spiritual MentorWorking with spiritually focused entrepreneurs and business owners who often find themselves conflicted between their heart and head and overwhelmed by all the many tasks it takes to follow a sacred call - and longing to not ‘hide out’ any longer - I am there to hold the space for you to see yourself – and your life with ‘new’ eyes.

As your Spiritual Mentor, I mirror to you – in truth and clarity – who you really are beyond all the day to day pulls and pushes and the inner voices that can distract and cloud your inner knowing.

I point out the ‘sign posts’ along the way so that your path becomes one of joyful discovery. And we walk through the many inner and outer challenges together – as co-creators – heart to heart…and soul to soul.

Rebecca Skeeele Spiritual MentorHeaven on Earth Mentoring is a radical deep dive into letting go of all the inner ‘clutter’ of who you are not so that the bright light of your Truth and talents can shine forth.

Most of my clients contract with me for multiple sessions based on where they are and what they want to create for themselves in their personal relationships or career or family. Many feel ‘called’ to serve a cause or social initiative that has a far-reaching impact but they want to fuel their outer expression with their radical loving - and come from what is most sacred to them.

When you contact me I do an initial ‘discovery’ session with you to determine the territory we will cover and the commitment of time and resources you want to dedicate to the journey. For it is a journey or heart - soul - and vision.

If you would like to have the experience of inner freedom - letting go of struggle, hiding, confusion, self-doubt or fear that keeps you striving for that illusive success - and find a sustainable, attractive way to serve from your power, connected and aligned with what is sacred to you…

I invite you to contact me today so I can see if what I offer can serve you and your path to fulfilling that vision in your heart.

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