An Evening of Exploring Radical Loving
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 from 7 - 9 pm

Radical loving is bold, fierce, far-reaching and transformational. It is the energy of loving that is calling us forward at this time in the face of rancor, fear and voices of anger that would separate us. You are invited to join with Rebecca Skeele in an informal meet and greet gathering where we can open up to how to live from a compassionate and loving heart and speak up for our deepest values. Light refreshments will be served.


You will learn about Noetic Balancing Sessions which will be offered on Thursday and Friday, May 11th and 12th for those that are interested.

Noetic means ‘God’s mind or spiritual mind’. Your Noetic Reality exists in the area around your body (commonly called the aura) and in your body as invisible spiritual dimensions of who you are. These dimensions permeate the physical body and contain patterns that can shape your health in a positive way or create dis-ease and imbalance. These patterns also affect how your ‘see’ or perceive your life, your relationships, and the world.

A Noetic Balancing Session enables you to resolve limiting beliefs, dissolve energy blocks, clarify psychological confusion, integrate spiritual dimensions and align mind, heart, and body with your higher Divine Blueprint.

Rebecca Skeele is a teacher of Noetic Balancing since 2007 and has been doing balancings with her clients since 1999. She will lead you in an exploration of your own noetic reality and demonstrate a Noetic Balancing.

The possibility to schedule a one-to-one session with Rebecca either Thursday or Friday (1.5 hours): Your Investment $299 USD

RSVP Evening of Exploring Radical Loving

RSVP One-to-One Session with Rebecca $299 USD

A Day of Self-Mastery
Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 9 am - 6 pm

How would your life be different if you could finally let go of that habitual negative self-talk or the old ‘story’ you keep telling yourself about who you are, what you can or cannot do and if you are enough? This day-long workshop will give you practical tools you can use immediately in your life to begin clearing for good what no longer serves you: limitations, beliefs, past hurts, and disappointments, so you can see yourself differently and experience the life you want to create.

Rebecca Skeele has been teaching self-mastery since 1990. Her approach is practical, spiritual and transformational. This will be an experiential day so come prepared to let go and grow your compassionate heart several sizes bigger!

Your Investment $499 USD a Light Lunch is included
Special offer: Session of Noetic Balancing and Day of Self-Mastery for $649 USD

RSVP A Day of Self-Mastery $499 USD

Session of Noetic Balancing & Day of Self-Mastery $649 USD

Listen as Lenka shares about her experience of working with
Rebecca as a participant in the Sacred Ambition Mentorship

Guest Presentor: Rebecca Skeele

Rebecca E. Skeele

Rebecca Skeele, M.A., LPCC, Author, Sacred Ambition Mentor, Ordained Minister and Wisdom Teacher, has facilitated seminars in the United States and Europe for 25 years. Rebecca’s passion is teaching men and women the inner tools necessary to bring forth their great work in the world and live their life as a personal ‘heaven’.

Rebecca hosts a live event in Albuquerque, NM every August: Your Sacred Ambition: From Heart’s Calling to Bold, Loving Action. Her 12-month Sacred Ambition Mentorship is an in-depth journey of self-discovery, radical loving, and sacred action.

She is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving and creator of the Heaven on Earth Wisdom School: a practical spiritual approach to Self-Mastery and personal freedom. Her second book, Manifesting Your Sacred Ambition, (coming in 2018) teaches the ‘how to’ approach to bringing a sacred calling out into the world with bold, loving action.


Host:  Lenka Matthews

Lenka Matthews has been a student of Rebecca’s for three years. She is currently a participant in a year long Sacred Ambition Mentorship which teaches how to bring the authentic self forward in your life and work to create a far reaching impact. Lenka shares that her experience of working with Rebecca has been transformational and continues to be an evolution since the first meeting with Rebecca in 2013. This work has impacted her private and life and her work.

Lenka is currently working as a Leasing and Commercialization Director. She has over 20 years of retail sector-focused leasing and marketing experience. She has a MBA from the Open University in the UK, where she lived and studied before returning to the Czech Republic. She monitors and follows the retail industry innovation and trends closely.

Lenka is very passionate about her studies with Rebecca and her vision is to enable people in Europe to study with Rebecca and create a study group. She is very excited to bring Rebecca to Prague for the very first time in May 2017.

Lenka Matthews

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