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Are you Worthy of Wealth?

When you focus on the energy of money and your relationship with money and neglect the rules of money – you can’t succeed. And vice versa. Join Kiva Leatherman and Amethyst Wyldfyre for an amazing collaboration: 7 Secret Steps to Overcome Your Fears and Embrace your...

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August Recap

Every year at this time the fiesta singers visit the Acequia Madre Elementary School  one block from my house and lead the  children in songs and cheers Viva Fiesta! It is a sound I love to hear and heralds the beginning of our long lingering late summer/Fall days and...

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Shifts are Happening

This morning I listened to a radio interview I did on a web telesummit last summer called, "Co-creating Heaven on Earth".  I had just returned from leading a workshop in England with the crop circles and very aware of deep re arranging going on  within the levels of...

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The Quantum Resonance of Renewal and Rebirth

Very cool article in the paper this week about the quantum resonance (my word)  of things.  Seems migrating birds may use the electronic spin of electrons to navigate their way from their north to south feeding  grounds - and back again.  Makes sense to me. Although I...

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The Shifts in Relationships: Be the Best of You

The world of relationships is going through a big deconstruction. Well, what else is new! Along with all other sectors of our life we are also experiencing 'new' learnings in this area. My guest on Mastering the Shift, astrologer and author Phyllis Mitz, takes us...

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