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Are You Afraid of Commitment?

Are You Afraid of CommitmentCommitment. Now there’s a word that can elicit all manner of back peddling. Why is commitment such a scary next step?

Commitment involves dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty…and when we are committed to a blazing heart vision you might wonder what is this calling going to ask of you?

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Holy Darkness: Raw and Real Part One

The Rotunda above the Edicule in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Israel.

Finding truth and what really resonates with me at this time of my great despair over the events that are transpiring in this country and around the world has taken me on a journey to read and watch mystical prophets of our time talk about evil, Holy Darkness, the Apocalypse, the rise of the Divine Feminine, sacred action and radical loving in the face of the destruction.

And I am finding a kind of validation in the mirror that they are holding up – and in my ability to look at and take in fully the faces of the apocalyptic times we are all walking through.

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World Server Quick Start Guide Play BIG by Kim Carpenter, Social Good Mentor

Are you feeling the call to make a difference in the world? To Play BIG…

If you’re like most of us, “changing the world” can feel daunting, to say the least. First of all, we have to combat the voice of our inner critic who might say, “Who me? Who do I think I am?” Then, if we can get beyond our own inner sabotage, there’s the overwhelm factor.

There are so many organizations, non-profits, charities, and NGOs doing great things. How do we know where to put our energy and time? If funds are tight, how can we give from our passion, skills and creativity?

Play BIG World Server Quick Start Guide Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about where you’d like to be of service, whether that’s in your local community or abroad.

  1. Ask yourself what upsets you about the world. What breaks your heart that you want to see stopped in your lifetime? Use the fuel behind your heartbreak to do something and take a stand. What if YOU are the leader you’ve been waiting for?
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Play BIG Let Your Heart Sing Out Loud

Where is your voice –
your beautiful, beautiful voice –
singing the dream you were born for?

It seeps into your dreams at night. That bigger dream – a vision of what could be possible. Of what SHOULD be.

Is it a vision of people set free from their own inner constraints or from a societal issue?   Of lives fulfilled and joy unleashed in the world? Of a country responding to challenge with unsurpassed creativity? Of a planet and all its species flourishing?

Or is it a vision of a business that so serves its clients and customers that it thrives because of its enormous contribution?

Does it take the form of rebellion or revolution? Of people taking a stand to change an injustice? Or something more subtly powerful, like people being happy in the work they do?

It can be simple or awesome in its scope, but it captures your imagination and lights up your soul.

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Your 3 Anatomies: Physical/Energy/Spiritual – A Match Made in Heaven

threeleggedstoolThe Heaven on Earth Wisdom School teaches the energy techniques, mastery skills, spiritual practices and tools to live and cocreate your life as a personal ‘heaven on earth’. In the Self Mastery Wisdom School I – Building Your Wisdom Bridge you learn  how your physical anatomy, energy anatomy and spiritual anatomy all work together to experience greater freedom, peace, joy, harmony and well-being.

Think of a three legged stool – if one of the legs of the stool is missing the stool does not work. Many times the reason you find yourself overwhelmed, chronically tired, burnt out and over committed is you are not aware of what is available to you to clear, heal and let go of what no longer serves you.

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