Sacred Ambition

Loving is a Choice

changeonebelief.coverThere was no place to run or hide. I had to stand there and take it. “You have ruined your children’s lives and they will never forgive you. How could you break up the family?”

These harsh words brought stinging tears to my eyes. The blood rushed out of my body and my knees felt weak. I stood frozen at the kitchen sink where I had been doing dishes, paralyzed by the intensity of the condemnation. In this moment I recognized the blaming and shaming voice was none other than my own! I felt myself leaning on the counter for support. Where had I learned to be so cruel?

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Your 3 Anatomies: Physical/Energy/Spiritual – A Match Made in Heaven

threeleggedstoolThe Heaven on Earth Wisdom School teaches the energy techniques, mastery skills, spiritual practices and tools to live and cocreate your life as a personal ‘heaven on earth’. In the Self Mastery Wisdom School I – Building Your Wisdom Bridge you learn  how your physical anatomy, energy anatomy and spiritual anatomy all work together to experience greater freedom, peace, joy, harmony and well-being.

Think of a three legged stool – if one of the legs of the stool is missing the stool does not work. Many times the reason you find yourself overwhelmed, chronically tired, burnt out and over committed is you are not aware of what is available to you to clear, heal and let go of what no longer serves you.

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Need some Clarity?…why Your Energy Vibration Matters.

Recently I spent a morning cleaning all the windows in my house and washing the screens. Can’t tell you what possessed me that morning since it seemed like any other ordinary morning…but I was happy and even inspired to take on this task.The results were astounding....

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Self-Mastery Tool #1 – Observation – It’s Not Personal

Life is not personal. It is neither for you nor against you. You can choose to take life as impersonal…and be happy no matter what the outside circumstances. Wow! That was a radical statement when I first heard it. I was in my 20’s and had no idea what an impersonal...

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