Sacred Ambition

The Inner Journey IS the Journey

The Inner Journey Is the Journey

When you know your big vision…when you have been sparked by your sacred calling…when you are clear about the gifts and talents you can bring to the world…what do you do next? NOW WHAT?

When I help people articulate the big vision for their life they usually go a couple of different places. Either into “OK, now what? Give me the plan. Tell me how I bring this forward?”

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Self-Compassion: Cracking the Code

Self-Compassion: Cracking the CodeLack of self-compassion – or judging, shaming and blaming our self – results in a lack of self trust. The good news is, there is a process for beginning to crack the code around lack of self-compassion and beginning to explore the link between self-compassion and self-trust.

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Closing the Gap

Closing the GapCalling all compassionate paradigm shifters! Are you ready to close the gap?I have observed over 20+ years of working in this field of transformation that if we just listen and don’t take some kind of action to shift our thinking, perceptions and experience

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Courage: Generosity of Heart

Courage: Generosity of HeartBrené Brown defines courage as a vulnerable ingredient in healing shame.I agree. What I have found is shame is usually piggybacking other intense experiences: abandonment, rejection, abuse, disappointment and fear.

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Your Big Journey Starts with a Small Step

Your Big Journey Starts with a Small Step“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The summer of 1969 was quite a year historically. Not only did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, and this very famous quote was recorded, but I was preparing to enter my freshman year of college.

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