Play BIG in 2016

Year ending and a new year beginning is a time when many of us are looking at the long view.

Looking behind us to take stock of the last 12 months and looking ahead at what we would like to create, put into motion, let go of or begin a new.

Many of us take time to visualize the coming year with certain outcomes; maybe we come up with an intention or a word that will direct us. Some of us go into a prayer full time or a time of meditation wanting to set the energy or the tone for the coming year – listening inside to guidance or direction.

I like the long view…

One of the reasons I love living in the high desert at the feet of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range is the long views. On clear days, and we have a lot of them here, you can see forever – mesas, mountains, valleys, buttes, barracas, and the incredible colors: red, black, orange, purple, brown, grey earth – and then there is the sky – vast, unlimited, stretching from horizon to horizon.

There is no ceiling in the expansiveness of space in the long view where I live. If you like to project yourself into the heavens nothing stands in your way to stop you. And I know that some people are a bit intimidated by this much space with no boundaries.

Well, what I have discovered living here for almost 30 years is when the world around me is limitless the only boundaries I come in contact with are the ones I set for myself. Some of those boundaries are needed and wanted. Setting a boundary,a place inside to rest, to stop, to change course or pause – these types of boundaries are necessary for me when I swim in such an expansive space and time.

When I am in creative mode and then set a boundary to rest – it creates a balance in my days. Creating the next blog, workshop, event can be manic at times unless I set it up inside with grace and ease and flow – boundary qualities.

But other boundaries are limiting – such as getting fixated on a certain goal or expectation and putting all my energy into it so that everything else that is going on – the long view – is missed. Tying myself up in knots because xyz didn’t happen or so and so did not return my phone call or email. Watching enrollments of an offering to such an extent that my long view disappears and my obsessive tracking narrows me to this one activity. When this happens I lose the soul stirring inspiration of seeing with eyes that see beyond my normal sight…and I become sullen and joyless.

My life is dedicated to the long view – sacred ambitions. Cocreating heaven on earth – which is my sacred calling – is an eternal calling over life times. And on many days this vision, dream, sacred calling is not apparent. In the short view of the minutia of the day and all the various activities that it takes to run a business – I can easily forget the long view. On other days the whole hugeness of heaven on earth completely overwhelms  me – you know feeling of running in place and getting no where? So on those days I must set a boundary – this breath…this breath…this breath.

So what do I do when I have lost that long view experience that sources my energy, my life force and my inspiration?

Here are a few suggestions for you that I do…

  1. Create a practice that expands your awareness beyond the physical body – meditation, contemplation, body based practices like yoga, prayer.
  2. Get comfortable in the vastness of who you are
  3. Develop the inner seeing that sees beyond this normal reality
  4. Step back, pause, rest, dream, visualize often – especially when you feel joyless or stuck
  5. If you like to write or draw or paint – some kind of creative expression create something that represents that energy of the long view for you and put it somewhere where you can see if everyday
  6. Let go often – loosen you grip and let all the pieces that you are holding fall to the floor – lay down that need to control – take a break, unplug, and then, after a while – re engage with new eyes.

We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.Marcel Proust

Play BIG: Begin your 2016 journey with a fresh, fun and new perspective.

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February 20, 2016

Play Big 2016

About Rebecca E Skeele

Rebecca Skeele, Wisdom Teacher and Heaven on Earth Mentor, teaches the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life. She has been working with individuals since 1990 and now teaches a Wisdom School and mentors spiritually focused business owners to live and work from their sacred callings. Find Rebecca's latest book: You Can Make It Heaven, and her Journal: Keys To Make My Life a Heaven on Amazon.
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