Have you ever had the desire to focus your energy on something new?

I recently made the decision to review my priorities and decide where I want to focus my energy. Energy is the secret key to enjoying life, I have discovered. If we use our energy filling up our days with HAVE TOs (disguised as TO DOs) there’s not much joy or fulfillment at the end of the day. With fewer TO DOs you can better focus your energy and find that joy.

Tracking the broadcasts of your inner thoughts and feelings also reveals energy leaks. Think about what fear around a national headline or bottom line in your checkbook does to your energy level? It shuts it down. Or, it sends you unconsciously running to numb the fear with your favorite self-medication. This can be anything from television to alcohol or drugs, whatever helps you drown out the fear.

With that in mind, what does frustration or disappointment do to your sense of self-motivation, inspiration or esteem (all qualities of your level of energy)?

If you’re like me, your body feels drained and your ‘thinking’ can become muddled and cloudy. Choosing TO BE rather than TO DO shifts your focus and renews you.

There is a popular slogan that goes, Energy follows thought.  So, to think, I’m going to be peaceful,” for example, begins a flow of energy toward the experience of peace. But, if you really want to have a full-body experience of peace and move into a state of peace you must put into action those activities that will produce peace.

In other words, there is a level of ‘doing’ in the ‘being’.

Being is not passive – it’s active.

The results of focusing your thoughts and then your energy on a state of being: peace, joy, loving, calm, openness, fulfillment, abundance. etc. produce what you are seeking. Taking a 10 minute TO BE break in the middle of the day is like soaking in a nice hot bath or walking in a fresh, sunlit forest. Your energy is renewed with a vibrating life enhancing flow.

If everything in this world of form is energy, as described by the quantum scientists, then continually sourcing upward spiraling energy enhances health, self-esteem, and abundance. That new car is not abundance. The car itself, however luxurious or expensive, does not source vibration of abundance. You carry that vibration of abundance. Do not make the mistake of confusing the symbol for the experience.

The same is true with my own obsession with my TO DOs. Crossing off one TO DO is OK; finishing my list of TO DOs is better; sourcing the joy, abundance and loving of who I am, breathing deeply and experiencing my fullness as I am going from task to task is the BEST!

If you’re looking for more ways to BE rather than more things to DO, I invite you to download the free, Centering In the Light Meditation. It was created to help you get through all the noise and help you BE.