Not everyone who enrolls in Wisdom School One: Building Your Wisdom Bridge is looking for a Wisdom School. Often, the reason someone enrolls is to stop the negative mind chatter; learn how to deal with a difficult family matter; find a solution to the ache in their heart; break through old beliefs about money and unlimited prosperity; stop playing a ‘small game’ and show up in ALL of their magnificence.

But when they hear what is covered in the Wisdom School and more importantly begin to experience a new found inner freedom, upliftment, clarity…life begins to make sense in a brand new way.

Recently a graduate of The Wisdom School said in her feedback to me, 

You know I wasn’t looking for a Wisdom School. I just knew my life was not working. And I never knew I had inner wisdom – that was something the great teachers and spiritual leaders had – not me. So this has been a breakthrough experience on many levels.

And I want that breakthrough experience for you, <name>

Here are a few links to find out more:

Watch a 9 min video that I recorded about Why I do What I do. It’s the back story of the defining moment, over 30 years ago, that set me on the quest to live and create my heaven on earth. The Wisdom School grew out of what I have learned.

You can also click here to send an email and BOOK YOUR FREE CALL and set up a 30 chat with me to find out if the Wisdom School is right for you. (no selling, just supporting)

AND this link is a complete outline of this on-line go at your own pace pre-recorded course.

OH…and did I mention that during the month of January 2020 – Wisdom School One is on sale ($100 off) and when you enroll you receive, along with all the videos, exercises and handouts, 4 group support zoom calls over 4 months and I private Let’s get you Started call with me.