Have you ever pulled money out of thin air? (my Father is turning over in his grave right now!!) THIN AIR? Well, Cynthia Sue Larsen, my guest this week on Mastering the Shift has and more. Her book, High Energy Money, offers stories, fun ideas and the quantum science behind how to shift your relationship to money.

If you are like me, money was not a fun topic when I was growing up. In fact there was much tension and loud voices in the house when the bills needed to be paid each month. I didn’t really think about this conditioning until years later when I began scrutinizing my money habits/attitude/thoughts/feelings. A light bulb moment was when I realized I had internalized my parents beliefs about money. Getting conscious of those beliefs and clearing them has opened up my ability to ‘play’ and have fun when it comes to money. But I have to admit I have never manifested money out of thin air.

Cynthia’s approach is start with what you can easily imagine…like finding coins on the street, or slipping your hands in pants pockets and finding dollar bills. Her book is full of small steps and out-of-the-box tips on lightening up when it comes to money. But she is also very grounded with left brain ways to grow, invest and save money.

In my Noetic Counseling practice I have found that money has many associations in people’s minds. For instance, money can represent security, safety, love, recognition, self-esteem, OKness, acceptance and even belonging. These unconscious associations are valuable to uncover when we are looking at shifting the relationship – we want to take back the power we have given to the currency of exchange and realign so it is less encumbered. I have discovered that less encumbered money flows easier and because it is energy like everything else, the movement of money increases it’s energy momentum – into high energy money.

Another great book on freeing up our money baggage is Lynn Twist’s book, The Soul of Money. Again, when we detach safety, security, love etc from money and enfold those experiences into the Inner Wealth of who we are – ah, now our focus can really shift from counting dollars to embodying a greater sense of wealth, prosperity and abundance. This alive energy field goes a LONG way to attracting money and abundance in ways that can appear magical – like creating money out of thin air!

Whatever approach appeals to you, I believe it serves us all at this time to explore unconscious beliefs/habits/and attitudes toward money.  Again, let’s contribute to a shift that serves us all, supports us all and supplies us all. Blessings in the shift, Rebecca