Sacred Ambition

I have been searching for this kind of transformative work for decades.

Lisa Murrell, Equine Alchemy

I believe in magic and signs. I believe that everything in my life has the right time and its meaning. I met Rebecca in June 2013 and it was magic. The second time we met in March 2014. Year 2013 I was going through major changes / challenges in my life, l lost a few important people to me. Somehow I know and feel that I am entering a new life chapter.  With respect and love.

Lenka Dvořáková, Marketing Specialist


I’ve worked with many amazing people through out my 25 years of personal development and I must say Rebecca is a gifted facilitator.

Beth Banning, Author

Rebecca has a deep sense of her wholeness that you just want to have around you all the time. She has given me the words to speak to myself in a way that creates harmony for me. I free myself. Those around me feel this energy and I experience great synchronicity.

Stephanie Wood, PCC Body & Business Coach for Entrepreneurial Women

My work with Rebecca has been powerful so far, and I suspect I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the impact this work will have on my life. I am someone who has done a lot of personal work, years of therapy when I was younger, personal growth and development trainings.

In working with Rebecca, however, I discovered that I had old pockets of shame and sadness that I’d never really managed to release, stories that I’d shoved away and dismissed as part of my past but which subtly affected my presence, my clarity about who I am and my confidence about being out in the world.

I’ve loved learning these practical, powerful tools from Rebecca that on a deep level seem to truly free and release this long-held energy of shame, grief, and feeling less than. When I do the work, I feel a physical change in my body, and a sense of more light and more space open up inside of me. I still have more clearing to do, but since beginning my work with Rebecca, I have more and more moments of feeling connected to this bright, shiny, vibrantly alive part of myself that feels completely at ease in the world.

I have a calm about taking new steps to grow my business and raise my visibility. And people are noticing. More and more, I get comments that I look so happy.

Isabel Parlett, The Soundbite Shaman

Rebecca has helped me to connect to my core, underneath the distractions of and reactions to daily life. I call that place the moment where the stone enters the pond: before and in the center of all the ripples. She shows me how to get to the heart of my struggles while finding tools to release tension more quickly. She brings compassion and deep caring to her work with me at all times. And her work allows me to recognize my choice to be in joy with each breath.

Burke Denman, President of Denman and Associates


Rebecca, I can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing and your guidance and lessons. It has been instrumental in bringing about some of the changes I have been wanting in my life. It has affected me greatly personally and professionally with the work I am doing with clients. I find it incredibly helpful and powerful.

Pat Dubois, Equine Therapist

I have always tried to be relentlessly positive. If something or someone is bothersome or hurtful, I would put them aside, ignore it. Now, after working with Rebecca, who creates a space that is full of comfort, safety and connection, I’m starting to realize that in stuffing things down I’ve been pushing parts of me away that deserve to be heard. Rather I can acknowledge them, give them some air time and forgive myself for neglecting these parts of myself. In doing so I’m seeing a freedom in myself that will impact my personal and business life. This is huge!

Kathy Kane

When I asked Rebecca to mentor me, I was at a spiritual crossroads in my life. I’d had my 2nd child in 2 years, and had started asking myself big questions. What was my relationship with God? Who was I and who was God? Did I have a soul and could I speak with my soul? … How could I raise and mentor my children in spiritual matters when I was so unclear about my own answers to these questions? How would I fill what felt like a void for them? I was filled with fears and uncertainties.

Rebecca crafted a custom-made, 12 week email program for me that changed my life. She gently yet insistently pushed me to uncover my fears and provided invaluable excavation and forgiveness tools. She taught me to meditate and create a relationship with my soul I started to touch and access this idea of my soul’s purpose, and it felt great!

Now, 6 years later, I consider the work I did with Rebecca as planting the seeds to my life. It opened up worlds of inner, and outer, exploration and growth to me, clued me in to my intuition, and set me on a path that now has me starting a new career as a spiritual entrepreneur myself… I look forward to continued learning with Rebecca as well, by attending her Sacred Ambition conference in August.

Lisa Marie Smith, Vision Activation Coach & Founder of

Before I met Rebecca, I was at a crossroad in my life and I suffered from low self confidence. I felt so weighed down, I just did not know where to turn. Rebecca was that breath of fresh air that I needed. She seemed to lift the cobwebs which were clouding my vision.It was then that I realised that I was in control of my destiny (not my boss or anyone else), and, I learned to love myself. It was these two things which caused a key shift in my life.

Now, when I am about to make a big decision and I’m doubting myself, I remember Rebecca’s words of wisdom, and realize that I can trust myself to choose the appropriate course of action. If you are considering working with Rebecca, I’d say “Do it. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself!

Diane Leacock, CFO


The Teacher

A light show up
It speaks
I listen
It demonstrates
I watch
It sings it’s song of love
I join- we sing together,
We all shine brighter

Marla Foreman, Massage Therapist

A teacher friend introduced me to Rebecca Skeele and her work, You Can Make it Heaven! Who wouldn’t want to do that? I’m in!!! Through her Wisdom School and self-mastery work I was introduced to self-compassion. That is when a shift occurred. I have always been compassionate toward others, but compassion for myself? What a concept!

I do know this work has been introduced to me for a reason. I’m listening. Through all this seeking, the one common thread being taught “Is Compassion” and it is active – I must practice it everyday. The only way I can do any of this work is with compassion for others and myself. So, the sentence you see is a daily reminder, a prayer, a mantra. If I can be compassionate then no telling what changes I will be able to witness. Namaste.

Donna Stark -Realtor Albuquerque, NM

I am so glad to respond on your impact in my life.  Taking the step in doing the Wisdom School and Grad Laa started my on an incredible journey.  I am happy because it helped me to identify fear and fear-based responses I had been making for so long in my life.  I reached a crisis point in my marriage and career, and I was able to use what you taught me.  Today I am still (happily) married, my relationship w/Terry has gotten deeper because by letting go and facing issues honestly I realized I only had to own what was mine.   I saw opportunity and am moving into a consulting business that utilizes all my years of nursing/complementary medicine work.  Funny thing: when I let go of the fear of failure,  I find I am getting even busier!

So, I am currently starting up a part time consulting business, continuing on acupuncture on a part time basis, and learning again how to have fun each and every day.  You have had such a big part of this; Thank You!

Michelle La Croix, Acupuncturist

Heaven is inside us, in our working hands, in our creative imaginations, and in our loving hearts. Rebecca Skeele is a teacher, reminding and coaching the reader that with practice, reeducation, and forgiveness our lives are heaven!

The message of this book is precise and practical: happiness, well-being, and success are limitless, and so are we.

Christina Johnson, MA - Author of Love Language

I found that during the sessions I was able to get at emotional truths that have long been ignored or put away…as if some unknown burden was suddenly lifted. It’s as if there is a loud air conditioner hum that when the unit turns off one feels the new silence as a relief.

H. Y.


Rebecca Skeele’s truth, integrity, and inner wisdom guide us to a deeper understanding of life’s journey. This book draws the reader to an inner space of reflection and solitude, which creates a greater awareness of one’s essential being. It reminds us to more fully connect with the rich threads of our stories, visions, and dreams, to weave a tapestry in our healing journey.

Barbara Dossey, RN, MS, HNC, FAAN

Today our world needs a vision that can inspire us to escape the pettiness and failings that divide and limit us. This vision, as Rebecca Skeele shows, begins with the individual and honors the divine element that is inherent in everyone. Skeele is an experienced guide who writes with clarity and compassion.

Author of Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words, Executive editor of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Author of Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words, Executive editor of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

Larry Dossey, MD

My experience of the Spiritual Emergence process was truly amazing. Things that I didn’t realize came up for me. The process of learning the tools you taught me have really transformed by life experience and will stay with me for the rest of my journey here.

H. P.

Following the principles this book brings forward will surely result in a spirit-filled life of heaven on earth.
President of the University of Santa Monica

H. Ronald Hulnick, PhD

A simple, sweet, powerful book about remembering who we are and reconnecting with why we’re really here. It’s a vital part of humanity’s emerging new story.

Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

Martin Rutte

Personal limitations can become doorways to joy, peace, and inner fulfillment. This is a simple and profound guide, written with humor and practical know-how, to help shift our perspective and create ‘heaven’ now. We need this kind of guidance today. Beautifully written . . . a book to read again and again.
Author of Send Me Someone and coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook

Diane Von Welanetz Wentworth

I am unwaveringly connected to the Field of Light and Living Love and a life that’s filled with gratitude and increasing Joy. Thank you!

Lola, NM

Thank you all so much for your commitment to healing and for holding the space for my healing last Sunday. I’ve noticed that I have been softer since. What I mean is that I feel more gentleness with myself and with others. I’ve also been sleeping much better and my dreams have been vivid. I find it easy to trust, thus my willingness to go deep with you. Thanks again, so very kindly.

M. R. Santa Fe

You’re a brilliant woman and we’re truly fortunate to have you.

Joey, NM


Having been at Your Sacred Ambition as the event photographer, I was experiencing Rebecca, the speakers and each of you through the lens of a camera, capturing moments in photographs and observing your huge hearts and spirits.

Being asked to compile the highlights of this event into daily videos has allowed me to experience the 3 days right along with you as a participant. It was such a blessing to have access to the video! In doing so, I got to feel your hearts again, float in the blessed silences, cry and laugh with you and to stand in the light to declare my own Sacred Ambition among you all.  Please enjoy these videos and bask in the memory, the work and the purity of those wondrous 3 days in New Mexico. I look forward to seeing you all again.

Steve Cozart, Photographer

A business consultant for over thirty years, I have seen many individuals trapped or imprisoned in a life they would not have chosen. In reading You Can Make It Heaven, I have found more than sufficient advice to enable these individuals to begin the journey toward the life they were meant to have.

Author of Operational Review, Benchmarking Strategies, and Improving the Economy, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of Not-for-Profits

Rob Reider

Mentor Two

Rebecca Skeele offers us a look into the deepest and clearest pond of spring water at her journey to her self. And as we observe, the image sweetly turns into our own. In these pages are precious droplets of rich awakening and a coming home to the divine within.

Kelle Olwyler, President of Kel Bergan Consulting and co-author of Paradoxical Thinking

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