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Sacred Ambition Stories

Deb’s Story
One Dinner Table at a Time

Length 9:29

Bobbye’s Story
CoCreating a Sacred Sanctuary

Length 9:55

The Election Monologues
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Length: 5:32

The Election Monologues was a nationwide event performed in 12 cities across the country (and one in Canada) on Inauguration Day - January 20th, 2017. Holding the question of how to be both a space of unity and resistance, the event was conceived by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and Kerri Lowe. The Santa Fe Monologues were facilitated by Rubinstein and Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus.

Lissa Boles & Rebecca Skeele

Lissa Boles,, was the first person who every said ‘sacred ambition’ to me.

It was during a soul map reading that she was doing for me. What happened in that moment set in motion the next 4 years of exploring, mentoring, teaching and writing about Sacred Callings and Sacred Ambition…and ultimately sparked the event I do every August: Your Sacred Ambition: From Heart’s Calling to Bold, Loving Action.

Joan Sotkin & Rebecca Skeele

Joan Sotkin and I have been sister colleagues for many years. Recently our paths crossed in our beautiful Santa Fe and she invited me to talk about my business and my approach to bringing the sacred into business on her pod cast.

We talk about money, being spiritual, wealth, uncertainty, disillusionment, loving, relevancy, practical approaches…quote from Joan “If you are having trouble with money connect with more people. Money comes from people.”

Awaken Into Action

Changing The World One Dream At A Time

Rebecca shares part of her story in how a personal calling or ‘sacred ambition’ begins to emerge in your awareness…the challenges that are inherent in bringing that sacred call out into the world…and tools to stay the course.  Video: 31:40 min


A Key

Length 1:37

The Return Journey

Length 2:18

True Power

Length 2:39

Transitions Radio Magazine

Retro microphone on stage Alan Hutner, Host of Transitions Radio Magazine and I had a great time recording these four segments for his Sunday morning radio show. We talked about all things ‘sacred ambition’ as well as detoured into exploring cocreating in love and the nature of the Self.  These short segment interviews will give you more of my beliefs about why this time is so important to be doing an event that creates a safe place for those that are ready to express, declare and claim their sacred callings. AND discover how to manifest it in the world!

Why is this so important?  Because the world needs your blessing. Today!  En-joy, Rebecca

Segment #1

What are you committed and devoted to and is that your Sacred Ambition?

Segment #2

How could your sacred calling emerge in your life? And is this event for you?

Segment #3

Do you know your Self? What happens in the 3-day event Your Sacred Ambition?

Segment #4

How do you co-create in love? Is that serving the greater good?

Love Talks with
Rebecca Skeele

Length: 2:33

Emergence in
Time of Uncertainty

Length: 1:44

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